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All-Star voting open on March 30th

Riot Games will be opening the vote for the League of Legends All-Star challenge on March 30th.

Earlier this month Riot announced details regarding their 2014 All-Star event, which will be held May 8 to May 11 at Le Zenith Arena in Paris, France. For this year's new Challenge event, fans will not only elect two players from their region to represent them in the tournament, they will also cast their votes to influence special elements of the game modes.

Starting on March 30 and ending on April 12, fans can visit the official lolesports site to find a roster of eligible players for the All-Star Challenge. Fans may vote every day for any three pro-players from any combination of teams to represent their region. After the voting has closed and all the votes have been tallied, Riot will announce the results and reveal which two players will be representing their region.

Once the player results are tallied and teams are announced, Riot will showcase the first of the four Challenge game modes. Once per week fans will have the opportunity to place your vote to influence a unique aspect of each game mode leading up to the final day of the All-Star event. Voting for the game modes will begin after player voting closes.

Riot revealed more details regarding their change in structure for this year's All-Star event in a Reddit AMA with Director of Esports Whalen Rozelle, League Operations Manager Nick Allen, and Associate Esports Manager Shanti Blees.

"A wide-spread request we've heard is 'we want more international competition'", wrote Blees. "This is a tricky thing, because global events are not only logistically difficult, but it's really demanding on the teams that participate. All-Stars gave us the opportunity to explore expanding international competition between the pro leagues in a way that stays true to what All-Stars is about - celebrating the best in League of Legends (fans, pro players and teams). These are teams that have played together, speak the same language, and can really show off their best play each and every day."

"That being said, we wanted to expand how players can influence the All-Star experience. That's where the Challenge comes in, which is a bit more lighthearted and takes advantage of the voting structure we built to let players influence the competition. Want to see one of the best mid's in the world play Heimer on the world stage? Want to see your dream international 1v1 happen? This is the sort of thing you'll probably never be able to see normally (and maybe never see again), and that's pretty awesome."

Rozelle further explained that the winning team will not earn their region an extra spot at the World Championships.

"Short answer - no, there will not be an extra Worlds spot granted to the region who wins", he said. "Long answer - we've stated earlier this year that we're going to tweak the Worlds' format. One change is that we're going to set the number of invites per region rather than have one spot be open for grabs. This allows us to set the number of invites and ensure that it's a balanced number that makes sense."