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Battle of the Atlantic press release reveals Lemondogs new lineup

In a press release hyping this weekend's Battle of the Atlantic matches in Cologne, Germany, the new Lemondogs roster was revealed.

Riot revealed Lemondogs' new roster today in a press release on their website hyping this weekend's Battle of the Atlantic matches.

The new roster is as follows:

  • Myw - Top
  • ImSoFresh - Jungler
  • ShLaYa - Mid
  • TFS Crazycaps - AD
  • TFS Zeriouz - Support

The news writer for Riot penned, "Lemondogs is a bit of a mystery. The team is unrecognizable from what they were last season, with an entirely new roster filled with members of amateur teams TFS and Millenium. The squad is so new, that it’s hard to say how well they’ll come together in the highly competitive environment of the LCS. No matter what, it’ll be exciting to watch."

Image Credit: Lemondogs