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Case against League of Legends player who reportedly made 'terrorist' threat to move forward

Judge denies 19-year-old Justin Carter's motion to dismiss the case.

The case against a Texas teenager who was jailed after an argument from League of Legends spilled over onto Facebook is going to move forward, reports onGamers sister site GameSpot. Judge Jack Robinson denied the motion to dismiss the case against 19-year-old Justin Carter this week, as reported by Texas news site KENS5.

Carter was arrested in March after comments made on Facebook following a League of Legends match. After another player called him crazy, Carter responded by saying "I'm fucked in the head alright, I think Imma shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent reign down."

He reportedly followed up these comments with "lol" and "jk". A woman in Canada saw his comments and informed the police, who arrested Carter for making a 'terrorist' threat. After spending four months in jail, an anonymous person posted Carter's $500,000 bail in July.

Last week Justin Carter and his father, Jack Carter, returned to New Braunfels for what they thought was their best shot at ending the case.

"I did sort of feel hopeful on this one. I don't honestly believe that he did anything wrong." Jack Carter told Austin's KEYETV. "We need to rewrite these laws so that they can be a little more specific so that innocent American kids aren't getting swept up and thrown away for 10 years for flippant remarks they make in video games or on the internet," said Jack.

"He's been accused of saying something stupid. That's not a crime. Telling a joke is not a crime," said Justin's attorney, Don Flanary. "The indictment doesn't even say who he threatened," said Flanary. "What kindergarten? Kindergarten in what country? What state? Saying words don't automatically make something a crime. If that were the case, every comedian, every TV producer would be charged with a crime."

Prosecutors from the The Comal County District Attorney's Office think otherwise.

"We are here today because Mr. Flanery and the defense team doesn’t think that posting a threat on Facebook to kill a group of kindergartners is a crime," said Chari Kelly of the Comal County District Attorney's Office.

Carter faces up to 8 years in prison if convicted.

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Posted by rom

Is this bizarro world?

Posted by Haethos

People need to stop posting stupid shit on the internet.

This is also ridiculous.

Edited by mezzy

tbh - if he was serious (4chan forums ftw) and that women would not have called the police - she would feel really shitty.
kids that go and kill ppl in their schools didnt say "i gonna killa XY at MY school" but often they gave some "points" to their family or friends. ofc that guy is not a terrorist but being openminded to such problems is also quite important.

btw that "joke" is not even funny at all, even without contextbased informations i would punch him ^^

Posted by makari

I sure hope this doesn't set precedent, I don't think America's jails are big enough to hold the entire internet.

Posted by Inzane

I called the police, you threatened to violently punch him. Joke. Anyways I think sending people to jail for saying things on internet in a moment of frustration/anger is retarded. If you want to prevent terrorism from your own citizens, the best way would be to provide good free/affordable healthcare and education for everyone. Less miserable people -> Less miserable acts.

Posted by MadCore

Only in Amurica, land of freedom they said it would be fun speak freely they said

Posted by playthings

It's easy to look at this and justify it as "the law is ridiculous; jail time is an overreaction" but really, which normal person would get angry and talk about shooting children as a "joke"? I see this as a hard lesson for people who spew the dumbest shit on the internet because they have the advantage of anonymity. Anger over a game should not bring you to say something so moronic, joke or no joke.

Edited by zvardin

@playthings even if you were going to make that argument, can we at least agree the punishment may not fit the crime?

Posted by lilopuppy

I think there's a special law where he lives regarding internet postings because of a recent school shooting in the area. I'm not sure, don't quote me on this. But I gotta ask, what's wrong with community service?

Posted by thatsmypanda

Surreal. What is going on over there in 'murica?

Posted by Maverick

There are people starving to death in the poorest conditions you can imagine, soldiers and civilians dying in conflicts worldwide, ACTUAL people shooting up schools in America, a confirmed outbreak of the bubonic plague, and you people want to focus your time and energy on punishing what some dumbass kid said on facebook. Get some perspective you lunatics. And you're beyond dumb if you think that looking for potential maniacs using facebook comments is any kind of legitimate strategy.