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Dignitas Managing Director elaborates on Steven 'Korok' Ashworth's removal

Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell notes that Korok is, "only the fourth player in ten years to be kicked in effect, his attitude sucked."

onGamers reported on Team Dignitas' removal of Steven 'Korok' Ashworth from their Dota 2 division yesterday. Following our post, Team Dignitas' Managing Director Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell reached out to us via Twitter, remarking that he could shed further light on the decision to cut Ashworth if we reached out to him.

When contacted O'dell explained:

“[Korok is] only the fourth player in ten years to be kicked in effect, his attitude sucked. Fair enough if he has real life school stuff but he failed to let us know in good time he couldn’t go to Korea. Then after numerous attempts to contact him he failed to respond to our management tonight stating he was busy.

We decided to kick him from our organization. He not only let us down, but worst of all his own teammates which is f****** out of order.”

When asked if the friction was solely from Nexon Invitational Super Match (in Korea) preparations, Odee replied:

“Korea is one major problem. Failure to communicate with our management is another. And the apathy of response when quizzed sealed his fate.”

Earlier today Dignitas has to forfeit their Dota 2 League match against Fnatic. The league's caster Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers cited roster issues as the reason.

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Edited by Dacnomaniac

If this is true... I'm glad he got kicked out.

Posted by nn0r

What a piece of shit.

Posted by codyconners

I think that's a little extreme, nn0r.

Posted by smile

I just hope they can put up a fight in Colombus.

Posted by lilopuppy

What's gonna happen to Disbanditas?

Posted by codyconners

@lilopuppy I've been doing some snooping, and I think they have something set up. If I can get someone who isn't an anonymous source and some more details I'll report on it.

Posted by EHOME

but why did 1437 and bleek leave?

Posted by Pyroic

While I appreciate reading about news within eSports on this site, I'd appreciate it even more if you upheld the corresponding right. This article is in blatant opposition to good journalistic spirit, and doesn't give Korok the response he's entitled to. He should have the right to show off his side of the story, so that the article doesn't look this one-sided. Loving the work you guys do, but please, try to be professional.