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DK win WPC-ACE League!

A gruelling 10+ hour affair ended up going in DK's favor, as the series started off with a 3-0 run by iG, it ended up going to the final game of the B07 as DK staged a massive comeback.

A prelude to the G-League grand final took place today, as DK vs. iG became the send-off of the 4 month long WPC ACE-League. The series became somewhat of an infinite struggle, and the complete ordeal in and of itself required 10+ hours to complete the heavily anticipated Bo7 finals.

With iG still being the kings of Chinese Dota 2 in terms of domestic results, with two straight seasons in a row of G-League dominance and a history of completely one-sided finals, it seemed destined that iG would keep their legacy intact after the standings stood 3-0 in favor of the kings of Chinese Dota. DK however were seemingly, as Dan Akroyd's character Elwood Blues in the 1980's classic 'Blues Brothers' eloquently put it 'on a mission from God' and clawed their way back in to the series with three straight victories in a row, completely turning the match in their favor.

The final game in the series became something of a roller coaster, but the story of the match would become Chai 'Mushi' yee Fung's midlane Sand King pick as well as Xu 'BurNIng' Zhilei's and Lei 'MMY' Zengrong's feared Wisp + Tiny combination. Seldomly played, Mushi is more than used to the hero in his position of preference as his former team Orange, featured some of the best Sand King players in the world with Wai 'Net' Pern Lim and Joel 'XtincT' Chan Zhan Leong. Knowing the hero inside-out set Mushi up incredibly well against the iG team's midlaner Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi, who didn't have a single time to catch his breath in the lane.

This spiralled out of control sooner than most of the viewers expected as the game initially went in iG's favor, with an extreme amount of botched engagements coming out of the DK side. But all it took was one massive engagement in the radiant's jungle where the comeback kings glassed the entire opposing team's lineup. From there on, DK never let off the gas pedal, and a super farmed Mushi constantly dominated iG's carry Chen 'Hao' Zhihao in 1v1s whilst BurNIng and MMY wreaked havoc upon the map where ever they pleased.

After a year of disappointing results, shuffles and slumps, DK were finally graced with the biggest ever Dota 2 prize pool outside of The International, and a trophy to call their own.

WPC ACE-League final standings:

1st: Team DK - $165,000

2nd: Invictus Gaming - $49,000

3rd: Vici Gaming - $16,000

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