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DontMashMe confirms trying out for Evil Geniuses

Brandon 'DontMashMe' Phan has confirmed that he has tried out to be the AD Carry for Evil Geniuses.

Last week Evil Geniuses General Manager Brian Cordry announced the team would be trying out new players for the 2014 LCS Summer Split, stating that a relegation bound season is "unacceptable".

Former Team Coast AD Carry Brandon 'DontMashMe' Phan, who played for Curse Academy in a loss to LMQ in the 2014 NA Challenger Series playoffs, has confirmed to onGamers that he has is currently trying out for Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses' current AD Carry spot is filled by longstanding member Peter 'yellowpete' Wüppen, who has been there since the beginning of the team. Wüppen has played together with teammates Stephen 'snoopeh' Ellis and Mitch 'Krepo' Voorspoels since December 20th, 2011 with the formation of Counter Logic Gaming Europe, through the acquisition of Evil Geniuses into the EU LCS, and the transition to Evil Geniuses in the NA LCS.

EG General Manager Cordry has declined comment to onGamers regarding the tryout. Cordry said previously that while changes may not take place, they would be looking at players from the NA Challenger scene and abroad.

On May 2nd, Voorspoels posted on his Facebook page that major changes may be on the horizon for the team.

"While it's not pleasant having to potentially part from people you've played with for over 2 years, this still remains a job and a competition," he said. "I do believe we're all mature enough to understand that and not hold grudges. ESport moves too quickly to hold grudges."

On May 3rd, Wüppen gave his thoughts on potential changes going forward.

"Basically, we're using the limited time we have until the season starts to weigh all of our possibilities towards becoming a better team and a serious contender in the LCS during the summer split," he said. "Most importantly, this includes trying out various new players in the jungle, support, and ADC position. This is to find weak spots in our gameplay and to gain different perspectives on what it is we need to improve on. That doesn't mean we will necessarily change our starting line up – although it is a possibility."

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Edited by Haethos

Don't see how he'd be an upgrade over Yellowpete. Even if he is, he'd be a marginal upgrade and it'd take time for him to assimilate into EG. Yellowpete isn't an impact ADC, but at least he has spent years playing with Krepo and has tons of experience on LAN.

Edited by Anguine

well i've been watching krepo stream and he's been duoing with mash a lot, and they seem to mesh a lot more than krepo/yellowpete, this is of course all speculation, but i think mashme would be a great addition to EG.

Posted by Hockeygod9911

Dont mash me isn't really an upgrade to yellowpete sadly, neither of them are really great. Krepo is really the only one of the three to have been improving over the last year. Snoopeh should be replaced though sadly, he's simply not on par with LCS, i think if Xmithie could get his head straight from the XDG BS, he would be an amazing addition/replacement to EG. He was contender for best jungler last going into worlds, mechanically amazing, but this most recent split with so much drama nobody had their head on straight so nobody will give him a chance, its sad.