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Dota 2 19th December Patch – Content Analysis

Another patch has hit the main Dota 2 client introducing a fresh set of heroes for Wraith-Night, new cosmetic items, HUD skins and item bundles.

Front End Changes



  • Added Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin, Witch Doctor, and Elder Titan to Wraith-Night.
  • Added new rewards to Wraith-Night.
  • Juggernaut now gains evasion during Blade Fury.
  • Fixed a bug where pausing the game would break certain Wraith King abilities.


  • Added sets for Luna, Drow Ranger, Skywrath Mage, and Naga Siren
  • Added a player set for Invoker by iceiceice
  • Added weaponry for Sven, Doom, Spectre, Windranger, Alchemist, Warlock, and Slark.
  • Added hairstyles for Drow Ranger, Mirana, Lina, Windranger, and Templar Assassin.
  • Added three HUDs
  • Added a 400% Battle Booster (80% stacking for other players). Available until January 3rd.


  • Only decrement low-priority game count in a coop-bot match if you win and you are not playing on passive difficulty.

Wraith-Night Updates

Dubbed the "Wraith-Night Reinforcements" update we now have a number of new heroes available to use in the game mode along with some new rewards.

"Merry not-Frostivus! Though the Wraith King may have risen, the clueless creep hordes still seek to destroy his royal Altar. That means Wraith-Night continues, and to help ensure the Altar sees the light of dawn, five more heroes have entered the battle: Elder Titan, Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin, and Witch Doctor!"

New Wraith-Night Heroes

The heroes that have been added have a number of tweaks, some of which are currently not displayed on the ability tool tips.

Elder Titan

Natural Order

  • Armour Reduction: 3/6/9/12
  • Magic Resist Reduction: 8/16/25/33

Echo Stomp

  • Stomp Damage: 40/80/120/160

Echo Stomp (Spirit Version)

  • Stomp Damage: 40/80/120/160

Queen of Pain

Shadow Strike

  • Hurls poisoned daggers in a line which deals large initial damage, and then deals damage over time to any unit it touches. Poisoned units have their movement speed slowed for 15 seconds. An instance of damage is dealt every 3 seconds.


  • Range: 700/1000/1300/1600

Sonic Wave

  • Scepter Cooldown: 40/30/20

Storm Spirit

Static Remnant

  • Creates an explosively charged image of Storm Spirit that lasts 12 seconds and will detonate and deal damage and apply your current level of Overload as a debuff if an enemy unit comes near it.

Electric Vortex

  • A vortex that pulls all nearby enemy units to Storm Spirit's location. It also slows the Storm Spirit by 50%% for 3 seconds.
  • Radius: 300/325/350/375


  • Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5

Templar Assassin

Psionic Trap

  • Movement Speed Slow: -50%
  • Traps charge up to slow by: 6% (per second)

Witch Doctor


  • Now works on creeps as well as heroes

Death Ward

  • Lasts 10 seconds
  • Bounces: 2/3/4
  • Scepter Bounces: 4/5/6

Wraith-Night Rewards

We also have a couple of new rewards to spend your well earned Phantom and Shining Fragments on.

Wraith-Night Feretory

Costs 12,500 Shining Fragments and provides one of the items seen below.

"A unique gift from the King. Wraith-Night Feretories can only be acquired with Shining Fragments. Shining Fragments are earned by activating a Wraith King's Favor."


Infernal Pactblade

"A demon-forged weapon obtained by the Branded One shortly before the shattering of Fellfoul."

Grand Helm of the Narrow Maze

Waraxe of Lost Light

Atramentos the Apocalyptic

"The stygian steed, breaker of prophecies, bearer of the blackened mark, and steeled in thrice-cursed barding. This horrible creature is recently escaped from the prison-plane Fellfoul."

Black Reaver


"The black mist of Avernus is said to whisper the secrets of lordship, war-making, and dominance. It is no wonder that the immortal demons of hell hate and fear Abaddon in equal measure."

Evergreen Stalker

A new recipe costing 14,000 Phantom Fragments that produces a Evergreen Stalker Treant for Nature's Prophet. The recipe requires three items of the Frozen rarity.

"A simple spell of animation."

New Cosmetic Item Bundles

We also have two new item bundles in this patch.

Styles of Unending Battle

Includes the following new hairstyles:

Drow Ranger



Templar Assassin


Blacksmith's Blessings

Includes the following new weaponry:








New Cosmetic Item Sets

Drow Ranger's Item Set

Death Shadow Set

Invoker's Item Set

Iceforged Set (iceiceice Pro Gear)

Also includes the first set of custom Forge Spirits for Invoker.

Luna's Item Set

Flight of the Crescent Moon Set

Naga Siren's Item Set

Outcast of the Deep Set

Skywrath Mage's Item Set

Rune Forged Set


New Custom HUD Skins

Familiar Woods

The Familiar Woods HUD Skin is the first HUD skin that comes with an option to select a style.

"A trusted friend on a well-worn path."


Woodsy - Default Style

Shagbark! - Alternative Style

Full Screenshots

Thunder Spirit

"Fury crackles as the skies split."


Full Screenshot

Timber Fury

"Let no forest stand in your path"


Full Screenshot

400% Holiday Battle Point Booster

A new special Holiday Battle Point Booster is now available in the store.

"Available until January 3rd. Use this item to increase the rate at which you earn Battle Points by 400% for 500 game minutes. Additionally, you will grant other players a stacking 80% bonus to their Battle Points rate.

Battle Point Boosters are only consumed whenever Battle Points are earned and features like spectating games or coaching do not deplete them."

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Passive Coop-Bot matches will not count as a Low Priority match.

"DOTA_Chat_CoopLowPriorityNoPassiveReminder" "You will not receive credit for playing through a low-priority match in Coop-Bot mode if you are playing on passive difficulty. To receive credit, please play on easy difficulty or greater."

Storm Spirit's Static Remnant tooltip now displays the amount of damage it deals.

"DOTA_Tooltip_ability_storm_spirit_static_remnant_static_remnant_damage" "DAMAGE:"

New store banner strings.

"StoreBanner_Header_Drow_DeathShadow" "Drow: Death Shadow Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_Drow_DeathShadow" "From the shadows, an arrow strikes!"

"StoreBanner_Header_Luna_CrescentMoon" "Luna: Flight of the Crescent Moon Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_Luna_CrescentMoon" "Blessed by the Lunar Moth and forged from MoonSilver."

"StoreBanner_Header_Invoker_Iceforged" "Invoker: Iceforged Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_Invoker_Iceforged" "Created in partnership with IxMike88."

"StoreBanner_Header_NS_Outcast" "Naga Siren: Outcast of the Deep Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_NS_Outcast" "Reclaim your honor with spear and dagger."

"StoreBanner_Header_SM_RuneForged" "Skywrath Mage: Rune Forged Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_SM_RuneForged" "Wrought in the depths of the Ghastly Eyrie."

"StoreBanner_Header_BlacksmithsBlessings" "Blacksmith's Blessings"

"StoreBanner_Text_BlacksmithsBlessings" "A selection of new weaponry for Windranger, Sven, Doom, Spectre, Alchemist, Warlock, and Slark."

"StoreBanner_Header_StylesUnendingBattle" "Styles of Unending Battle"

"StoreBanner_Text_StylesUnendingBattle" "A selection of new hairstyles for Drow Ranger, Mirana, Lina, Windranger, and Templar Assassin."

"StoreBanner_Header_HolidayBooster" "400% Holiday Battle Point Booster"

"StoreBanner_Text_HolidayBooster" "Share in the holiday spirits with an 80% boost for everyone. <p style='color:#a93827; font-size:14px;'>Available until January 3rd.</p>"

"StoreBanner_Header_HUD_Familiar_Woods" "HUD: Familiar Woods"

"StoreBanner_Text_HUD_Familiar_Woods" "A trusted friend on a well-worn path. Includes 2 styles."

"StoreBanner_Header_HUD_Thunder_Spirit" "HUD: Thunder Spirit"

"StoreBanner_Text_HUD_Thunder_Spirit" "Fury crackles as the skies split."

"StoreBanner_Header_HUD_Timber_Fury" "HUD: Timber Fury"

"StoreBanner_Text_HUD_Timber_Fury" "Let no forest stand in your path."

Item Drop List Updates

Common Items Drop List

Items Added

  • Winged Shroud of Ruin

Uncommon Items Drop List

Items Added

  • Tarnhelm of Ruin

Item Craft List Updates

Common Items Crafting List

Items Added

  • Alchemists Infuser
  • Ancient Imbued Spinal Blade
  • Blade of the Abyss
  • Braids of Moonshadow
  • Dark Ranger's Headdress
  • Death Shadow Boots
  • Death Shadow Bow
  • Death Shadow Bracers
  • Death Shadow Quiver
  • Iceforged Bracers
  • Iguana's Bow
  • Tail of the Secret Order
  • Twisted Firekeeper

Uncommon Items Crafting List

Items Added

  • Braid of Fiery Curls
  • Corset of the Outcast
  • Death Shadow Cowl
  • Death Shadow Mantle
  • Glaves of the Crescent Moon
  • Guard of the Crescent Moon
  • Hellthorn's Sword
  • Helm of the Outcast
  • Iceforged Cape
  • Iceforged Hair
  • Iguana's Quiver
  • Mantle of the Crescent Moon
  • Rune Forged Belt
  • Rune Forged Bracers
  • Rune Forged Helm
  • Rune Forged Shoulders
  • Rune Forged Wings
  • Spear of the Outcast
  • Trophies of the Outcast

Rare Items Crafting List

Items Added

  • Bulwark of the Rogue Knight
  • Dagger of the Outcast
  • Death Shadow Cape
  • Headress of the Crescent Moon
  • Iceforged Shoulders
  • Iceforged Spirit
  • Rune Forged Staff
  • Style of the Grove

Mythical Items Crafting List

Items Added

  • Avon of the Crescent Moon

Predictions For The Next Hero

Calm before the storm.

Familiar Woods Giveaway

I have a bunch of Familiar Woods HUD skins aka Shagbark HUD to giveaway, if you're interested in one leave a comment with a link to your steam profile in the comment section.

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Posted by hatsuko
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Nothing specific, the same requirements are listed below and it is still showing as a Legendary item for me:

  • 100x Commons
  • 75 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares
  • 10 Mythicals
  • 1 Legendary

Which seems like a hefty requirement.

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Im loving the new battle point booster!


Posted by SixSixx

That hairstyles bundle looks really good, except mirana, i would like to know whats wrong with her face


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very in depth as usual .

Thanks for all you do Matt and i hope you have a Merry Christmas(or whatever you chose to celebrate)

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Doom weapon looks pretty good, WD lots of fun in Wraith Night.


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Thanks for everything Matt, you're the best!

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Nice analysis as usual.

Everyone loves a giveaway:

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That's absolutely crazy, it's easier just to buy an unusual courier and extract the gems ¬_¬

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God that Naga set and TA hair are cool. Thanks for the analysis, Matt

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Thanks Matt, really good work as always.

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Thanks for the analysis :)

Steam acc:

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Love the Familiar Woods HUD! Thanks Matt

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Cool as always Cybromatt.

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Keep up the great work Matt!

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I may be one of the few who preferred the HUD with Shagbark :DDD nice to see that there's an option!

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No giveaway - 2 comments in two days

Free stuff - 35 comments in less than a day

Cyberbro, how about more contests or something?

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I'd like shagbark hud very much.

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That Invoker set is so badass. That's a lot of work you put there, Matt. Happy Holidays! I'd also love to get my hands on Familiar Woods as I stated on reddit, I LOVE wooden-styled HUDs.

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im give a good

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Pick me! Me! ME! :D

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Yeahhh, Shagbark! Finally bought him on the sale, now there's a HUD also :)

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Hey Matt, when talking about what items are needed for the treant recipe, you call them "Frozen rarity" it's Frozen quality.

Also, shameless steam profile plug:

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Hey Matt, I noticed a lot of the more recent sets are far cheaper than sets of a similar quality used to be; for example Anuxi's new Luna set is on sale for £3.60 whilst Anuxi's Mirana set went on sale for around £11 or something ridiculous.

Have Valve just realised how absurd that is, or is it just for Christmas?

Here is my steam profile btw.

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Really cool HUD!

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