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Dota 2 24th January Patch – Content Analysis

We have had a minor patch ship to the main Dota 2 client which includes a number of new Dota TV tickets that come bundled with item sets and couriers.

Front End Changes

New League Passes

Dota2VO Seasons: Frostfire

"Teams from the CIS compete for a prize pool of $1,000+ and the title of Dota2VO Champions!"

Helios Esports & Logitech Gaming Season 1

"An amateur tournament to showcase the top North American and European teams competing for prizes worth over $1500!"

Sweaty Cup

"Semi-pro teams and amateurs compete in this tournament for 16,000 Rubles!"

Macedonian Elite League

"Top players compete in two divisions in the Macedonian Elite League for a prize!"

Asian Cyber Games Invitational: Best of the Best

"Southeast Asian teams are invited to compete in the Asian Cyber Games Invitational: Best of the Best tournament for a total prize pool of $3500!"


"32 teams compete in the GamerSportPeru tournament!"

Netolic Pro League 5 East

"Netolic Pro League East 5 invites the best teams and rivalries from Asia to battle it out! This ticket includes the exclusive Chaos Legion set!"

Chaos Knight's Chaos Legion set

Netolic Pro League 5 West

"Netolic Pro League West 5 invites the best teams and rivalries from Europe and the Americas to fight it out! This ticket includes the exclusive Oblivion Headmaster set!"

Pugna's Oblivion Headmaster set

Yard White Festival

"Yard Festival is back for Yard White Festival - the second tournament for non-pro teams! Six amateur teams from qualifying matches will compete for $2000 with professional Dota 2 scene teams! Includes Amphibian Kid courier!"

Amphibian Kid Courier

"Long an admirer of those locked in battle above, this little Slithereen swam to the surface to help out its heroes."

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

The item sets for Tusk and Lina from the previous patch now have an entry in the store banner rotation.

"StoreBanner_Header_Tusk_Bobusang" "Tusk: Bobusang's Traveling Necessities Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_Tusk_Bobusang" "Be prepared for a fight on the road!"

"StoreBanner_Header_Lina_Brightmoon" "Lina: Jini the Brightmoon Set"

"StoreBanner_Text_Lina_Brightmoon" "The heat is on!"

Unreleased Heroes Update


Phoenix's portrait information was updated with some tweaks to the previous bird figures and a new entry for his egg model.


Terrorblade now has an entry in the portrait file for his base model and for his demon model.

Other Changes

The player sponsored Shadow Hunter Set for Nyx Assassin has had it's Spectator Gem fixed so now that watching games casted by the Russian caster Roman 'Casper' Lepokhin will now increase the view count and will allow you to unlock the additional styles.

The Reign of Maelrawn HUD skin that comes with the FGCL Championship League Dota TV ticket has been fixed and should now function properly.

Predictions For The Next Hero