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Dota 2 6th March – Item Schema Update

A new schema update has been pushed to the main Dota 2 client, which gives us a sneak peek at a new unreleased set for Dark Seer along with the upcoming Free to Play Collector's Pack.

Item Schema Update

The item schema is a resource in Dota 2 that defines all existing items and the attributes assigned to them. It often provides a small sneak peek of what to expect in future patches.


Unreleased String Updates

MMR/Network Conditions/Disconnection Strings

  • %s1 has been disconnected for too long and has been removed from the game.
  • %s1 has been removed from the game due to inactivity and will be assessed with an abandon.
  • %s1 has been disconnected for too long and will be assessed with an abandon.
  • Poor network conditions have been detected. No stats will be recorded for this match. Matchmaking rating (MMR) will not be updated.
  • Players may now leave this match without being assessed with an abandon.
  • This match will be scored, and matchmaking rating (MMR) will be updated. Leavers will be scored as losers.
  • Failure to reconnect or leaving this match will result in the following consequences:
    • Your teammates will play at a disadvantage.
    • Your matchmaking rating (MMR) will decrease.
    • The matchmaking rating (MMR) of everyone in your party will decrease.
    • The match will not be scored for other players.
    • You will not be credited with having completed the match.

New Kinetic Gem

  • Booties of Travel!

New Tip Strings

  • Typically, a team only needs one courier.
  • Magic damage can be reduced by purchasing items that grant Magic Resistance.
  • Physical damage can be reduced by items that grant armor.
  • Announcers and HUD Skins are shared between all players in that match. You can choose among them using the buttons along the top-left.
  • Remain calm. Remember: it's only a game.
  • Check your minimap often. You may discover you are about to be ambushed.
  • Destroying the enemy's barracks will strengthen your team's creeps in that lane.
  • Towers can see and attack invisible units.
  • Try to fight creeps and enemy Heroes within the attack range of an allied Tower.
  • You can disable auto-attacking in the options menu.

New Recruitment Strings

  • Claim Rewards
  • Earn Fortune & Glory as your friends progress in their Dota 2 careers.

Custom Gamemode Strings

Custom game modes will be submitted through the existing Workshop system.

  • DOTA_Workshop_SubmissionType_CustomGame = CUSTOM GAME MODE
  • DOTA_Workshop_CustomGame_Help = Custom Game Mode Help
  • DOTA_Workshop_ImportCustomGame = Publish Custom Game Mode

Unreleased Cosmetic Item Sets

Dark Seer's Set

Gombangdae Dosa


Hero Breakdowns

Clockwerk's Breakdown

The breakdown of Clockwerk's hero model also seems to have advanced. Hero breakdowns are one of the final steps required before being able to make cosmetic items for them.

Clockwerk's Head


Clockwerk's Things


Clockwerk's Weapon


Unreleased League Passes

League of Dota Season 3

"Season 3 of League of Dota returns with a new format and revamped prize pool! Teams compete for $800 over the course of one month in daily amateur tournaments for North America and Europe. Includes the Clockwork Watcher Ward!"

Includes the Clockwork Watcher Ward Cup #2

"The best CIS Dota 2 teams will fight against each other for a prize of $2000! Includes the Bounty Hunter Corruption set!"

Includes the Bounty Hunter Corruption set

FGCL: CIS Open Cup Ticket

"Open tournament where over 500 teams will fight for the championship and a prize of $1000. Bundle includes ticket and the Sovereign of the Woodlands set!"

Includes the Sovereign of the Woodlands set

EUS Pro League

"The EUS Pro League offers teams in Europe and America to compete in a month long tournament to be crowned champions."

Defense of the Australians Autumn Tournament

"The Autumn season arrives! Open qualifiers of 64 teams around Australia, competing against each other until only 8 teams remain! Those teams will then battle against our top 8 teams of Summer 2014 and be crowned Australia's #1 team. Finals will take place at the Defense HQ in Melbourne."

Ronin Dota 2 Tournament

"The Ronin Dota 2 Tournament is sponsored by Money Online, AyoPay and A-Z Event Organier. 64 teams will compete for the biggest cash prize pool in Indonesia: Rp 25.000.000!"

Unreleased Free to Play Collector's Pack

Includes all of the items in the 'Forge of Iron Will' set for Sven, the 'Murder of Crows' set for Pudge, the 'Crown of Hells' set for Doom and the Free to Play Ward, Courier and HUD.

The items obtained from this pack will contain the Genuine item quality.

Free to Play Ward

Includes a special ambient particle effect.

Free to Play Courier

Includes a special ambient particle effect.

Free to Play HUD


Dendi's Murder of Crows set

"Shoulda' kept your beak out of this. These items were created in partnership with Dendi, who receives a portion of every purchase."

Murder of Crows Armored Arm

Murder of Crows Dendi Doll

I see you baby shakin' that ass..

Murder of Crows Gauntlet

Murder of Crows Pauldron Perch

Includes a new, unreleased Kinetic Gem (Animation Gem) plus particle effect.

Murder of Crows Mask

Murder of Crows Weapon

Murder of Crows Offhand

Murder of Crows Loading Screen


Fear's Forge of Iron Will set

"An iron mask for an iron will. These items were created in partnership with Fear, who receives a portion of every purchase."

Forge of Iron Will Arms

Forge of Iron Will Back

Forge of Iron Will Belt

Forge of Iron Will Helmet

Forge of Iron Will Shoulders

Forge of Iron Will Weapon

Includes a new, unreleased Kinetic Gem (Animation Gem). This weapon also uses a custom sound effect.

Forge of Iron Will Loading Screen


Hyhy's Crown of Hells set

"Upon my crown, I'll gore thee. These items were created in partnership with Hyhy, who receives a portion of every purchase."

Set image unavailable.

Crown of Hells Arms

Crown of Hells Banner

Crown of Hells Belt

Crown of Hells Helm

The head piece will have two styles, an open style and a closed one. Also includes a new, unreleased Kinetic Gem (Animation Gem).

Crown of Hells Shoulder

Crown of Hells Tail

Crown of Hells Weapon


Crown of Hells Loading Screen


Other Changes

Terrorblade's Arcana

The "Exalted" item quality tag has now been removed from Terrorblade's Arcana, new future purchases of the item will no longer come with the tag.