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Dota 2 7th November Patch – Content Analysis

This week's Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing the much anticipated MLG bundle along with more hidden Spirit goodies.

Front End Changes

MLG Championship Bundle

For the upcoming MLG Columbus event we now have a special bundle with a number of cosmetic items and bonuses inside.

"MLG's first International Dota 2 competition will feature the world's best teams from Europe, China and North America competing for a growing prize pool starting at $50,000. $2.50 of every purchase will go directly to the MLG Championship Columbus prize pool."

Included in this bundle:

  • Scalehound Courier
  • Stronghold HUD Skin
  • Tethered Sentinel Ward
  • Battle Point Bonus through MLG Columbus (11/24/2013)
  • Eligible for in-game item drops

Scalehound Courier

"Found on the wild meadows of Druud, these vicious beasts are easily trained as beasts of burden and camp watchdogs."

Standard Courier

Flying Courier

Stronghold HUD Skin

"Even the mightiest offensive may fail against firm fortification."

HUD Skin Previews

Full Sized Shot

Tethered Sentinel Ward

"Ever present, ever watchful."

MLG Columbus 3 Battle Bonus

"Use this item to increase the rate at which you earn Battle Points by 125% until the end of MLG Columbus. Additionally, you will grant other players a stacking 25% bonus to their Battle Points rate."

This Battle Bonus if activated now will run until the 24th of November, later this month.

MLG $50,000 Dota 2 Championship Ticket

"Consuming this ticket will make you eligible for item drops while watching any MLG $50,000 Dota 2 Championship game."

The Dota TV ticket for the MLG Championship is already free in game however those who purchase the MLG bundle will be eligible to earn in game tournament item drops.

New Cosmetic Items

We also have a new Spirit Breaker set that comes with the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Dota TV ticket along with some cosmetic items from the Dota 2 Korean publisher Nexon that are available on the Dota 2 store.

Spirit Breaker's Items

The ASUS ROG DreamLeague Dota TV ticket now comes bundled with a free Spirit Breaker set.

Vestments of the Iron Will

Tusk's Nexon Item

Barrier Shard Axe

"Chipped from a glacier off the Barrier, this axe brings out the Tusk's most brutal fighting spirit."

Custom Nexon Ward

Watchful Sotdae

"Let no vile spirit or foe pass unseen."

UI Updates

With the addition of the MLG bundle providing $2.50 to the total prize pool for MLG Columbus the Tournament watch tab UI has been updated with a new feature to help track the growing prize pool. It's very reminiscent of the Compendium that was used earlier this year by Valve in order to increase The International 2013's prize pool.

Tournament Watch Tab

The data for the prize pool is also available over API which means it can be embedded/displayed out of game.

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

String for the new total prize pool feature that is displayed on the watch tab.

"dota_watch_totalprize" "Total Prize Pool: $%s1 (Base : $%s2 Contributed: $%s3)"

Unreleased HUD Skins

We also have an additional HUD skin in the files that is currently unused however will most likely come with a Steelseries Dota TV ticket.

Steelseries Bamboo

HUD Skin Previews

Full Sized Shot

New Sound Files

We also have some fresh references to the unknown Spirits in the form of Book UI sound effects.

The game sounds UI script file was also updated referencing these four sound files.

Book UI Sound Files

"We fight as one Spirit"


"hm hm hm hm hm hm hm!"


"Ho ho ho ho ho ha ha!"


"The Spirits unite in battle"


Item Drop List Updates

Once again we have some more updates to the master item drop lists.

+ "Item Added"

- "Item Removed"

Common Items Drop List

+ "Blade of the Blood Stained Sands"

+ "Cuffs of the Iron Will"

+ "Flail of the Iron Will"

- "Frostiron Sorceress Cape"

- "Frostiron Sorceress Cuffs"

- "Gemmed Bracers of the Priest Kings"

- "Gemmed Pauldrons of the Priest Kings"

- "Gunslinger's Bracers"

- "Gunslinger's Cape"

- "Gunslinger's Hat"

- "Gunslinger's Rifle"

- "Heirloom of the Charred Bloodline"

- "Helm of the Red Conqueror"

+ "Horns of the Iron Will"

+ "Mantle of the Iron Will"

- "Nails in the Mad Harvester"

- "Pauldron of the Red Conqueror"

+ "Pack of the Blood Stained Sands"

+ "Pads of the Blood Stained Sands"

- "Scarab Pendant of the Priest Kings"

- "Sleeves of the Charred Bloodline"

+ "Shuriken of the Blood Stained Sands"

- "Style of the Charred Bloodline"

- "Summer's Light"

- "Summer's Warmth"

+ "Strap of the Iron Will"

+ "Tail of the Iron Will"

- "Tassets of the Red Conqueror"

Uncommon Items Drop List

- "Chopper of the Mad Harvester"

- "Frostiron Sorceress Pads"

- "Frostiron Sorceress Staff"

- "Hook of the Mad Harvester"

+ "Pike of the Blood Stained Sands"

- "Restraint of the Mad Harvester"

- "Ruling Staff of the Priest Kings"

- "Summer's Bounty"

- "Summer's Mirth"

Rare Items Drop List

- "Axe of the Red Conqueror"

+ "Celestial Observatory"

+ "Cowl of the Blood Stained Sands"

- "Frostiron Sorceress Brooch"

- "Gemmed Mitre of the Priest Kings"

- "Gown of the Charred Bloodline"

- "Rope of the Mad Harvester"

- "Summer's Charm"

- "Thrice-Gemmed Barding of Sanurok"

Mythical Items Drop List

- "Mask of the Mad Harvester"

- "Sanurok the Ever Able"

Predictions For The Next Hero

Click this until we fix the embedding of animated GIFs.

Good luck to those trying to guess this one :).

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U still deliver, even now while u are a SELLOUT! <3

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Thank you based Cyborgfrog.

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I really like the new format on your home here at and glad to see you still doing the work that everyone loves.

A suggestion I have though is to try to get back the colors for the Item Drop List for the +'s and -'s. It really helps in reading them at a glance. If it's not currently able to be done then let me know and i'll spam Alexis's twitter and giantbomb box until he gets someone on it. :D

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As always thanks for the Content Analysis!

Guys looks like we just got another batch of lovely hats! <3 :)

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Lookin good on the new site.

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I like this new black background. bright backgrounds hurt my eyes

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Are these spirit sounds gonna be Brewmaster Spirit sounds? ;______________; VOLVO WORK ON NEW HEROES DONT DO THIS

Posted by Nomsta

Wait maybe they're responses for Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit meeting and their laughter, cos 2 sound like Ember Spirit (that quieter voice) I think its ember spirit because it would fit him, and the second 2 ones might be Earth Spirit because that voice is deep and shit and I think it would fit him too

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RE Ian: The colours will return, just a small oversight at the moment that will be fixed.

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Thank you cyborgmatt!!

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hey Matt, new layout is looking awesome and congratulations on joining ongamers. Just a question , the MLG bb says 125% while it gives only 75% in game. Is it a bug ? Huge props to MLG for the tournament and everything.

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I find it funny how for the past 3 updates a lot of thing regarding ember and earth spirit have been surfacing but still the hero prediction is still about nothing xD PS: Congrats matt for this new adventure I wish you the best of lucks, because of you I’ll start using this site a lot :)

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guessing gif....we all are clowns cause no hero and broken sound files :D gj as usual, like your new home

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Gj Matt, keep it up!

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This loads much faster than the old site, gj.

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Why are the sounds linking to your old site? Oo

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Thanks for the update, but I miss the tiered comments. And you can't put a gif in? What kind of poopy CMS is this?

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RSS is coming.

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nice job, new site looks good!

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Matt, it'd be excellent if you can get a section somewhere on the site where you can consolidate all of your content analysis for each specific game you cover, so that it's easier to lookup.

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Suggestion: Make the images a smaller thumbnail and make them pop out when you click on them, as of now the large format of the images make for a worse reading experience. Maybe it is just me who is used to the smaller form of your old blog.

Overall I like the new site, it looks a lot like Gamespot and Giantbomb but I guess that is to be expected from a CBS owned site :).

Did you get this gig through Brad Shoemaker? I heard that you two are friends.

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Good work Matt

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"We fight as one Spirit" I thing this is Ember Spirit.

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Nice work. Thanks for the analysis.

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Great work Cyborgmatt. Other than the GIF, the transition was seamless.

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I sure hope it will be possible to filter out other news on the rss once it's up. Because it seems that this website can only filter news by games which clearly is not enough. :(