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Dota 2 8th May Patch – Content Analysis

We have had another patch deploy on the main Dota 2 client introducing two new treasure chests and the ESL One Frankfurt Compendium items.

Front End Changes

This patch post includes some of the more minor changes that were added in patches between today's patch and the previous content analysis post.

Hero Base Model Updates

Wraith King's Model

Wraith King's base model has been updated to include an armour slot, his chest piece has now been broken away from his old base mode.

New Base Model

New Armour Slot

ESL One Frankfurt Compendium Items

The ticket description was updated:

"On June 28th and 29th, eight of the best teams from around the world travel to Frankfurt, Germany to battle it out for the $150,000+ prize pool. Purchase the Compendium, increase the prize pool, and receive stretch goal items. The stretch goals include Battle Point Booster, HUD, Loading Screen, Earthshaker Totem, and a unique Lifestealer Set!"

A number of stretch goal items from the ESL One Frankfurt Compendium have now been released:

ESL One Battle Point Booster

"Use this item to increase the rate at which you earn Battle Points> by 125% for 6 days. Additionally, you will grant other players a stacking 25% bonus to their Battle Points rate."

ESL One Fortress HUD

ESL One Frankfurt 2014 Loading Screen

ESL One Jagged Vision Ward

Animation Preview

New Treasure Chests

We have two more keyless chests added into the game to replace the previous two.

Treasure of the Bottled Cloud

Centaur's Relentless Warbringer set

Magnus` Defender of Matriarch set

Bristleback's Debts of the Nightwatchman set

Alchemist's The Convicts' Trophies set

Treasure of the Molten Steel

Tidehunter's Deepweed Drowner

This set is tagged as a pro-player gear item for supporting RoX.KIS` yol.

Lifestealer's Transmuted Armaments

Chaos Knight's Rising Chaos

Doom's Eternal Fire

Random Bonus Rewards

In addition to unboxing one of the sets seen above you will also have a random chance at unboxing an additional item set for Earth Spirit or new Butch courier.

Earth Spirit's Vanquishing Demons General

The new Vanquishing Demons Earth Spirit set also comes with a custom "Stone Monkey Spirits" Stone Remnant that includes seven different poses.

Butch the Courier

Butch can either comes as a regular Legendary courier with a standard particle effect or as an Unusual courier with one of the previous Unusual effects from the previous chests that have been added into the game over the years.

Standard Butch's Effect

Model Viewer Shots

New League Passes

SteelSeries UUU9 League

"The SteelSeries UUU9 League is an open tournament for new and experienced teams. The top teams in China have been invited to compete for the 17,000RMB prize pool."

Elite Battle Season 1

Semi-professional teams will compete in the Elite Battle Season 1 which features Ability Draft and a prize of $100!

Angel's Tournament

"Amateur teams from Russia will compete in Angel's Tournament for over 800 rare items!"


Federal League Season 1

"The first season of the Federal League allows teams in Europe to compete in different divisions to become champions!"

Dota 2 Just For Fun

"64 of the best Brazilian amateur teams compete to become the winner of the first Dota 2 Just For Fun tournament."

Ollin League Season 1

"The top teams in Mexico compete for a prize of 2,000 MXN!"

Gamersportperu Season 5

"Top teams will compete in the fifth season of Gamersportperu to become National Champions!"

Dotafreak Amateur League

"16 Malaysian teams will compete to be crowned champions and win RM100!"

Rampage Dota 2 League Season 2

"Rampage Dota 2 League is a free online tournament where teams all over India can participate for the prize pool of $400! "

Gold Rush

"Gold Rush is a series of tournaments with a monthly prize of 350 Euros for the winner! "

D2TV League Season 1

"D2TV League Season 1 is an Amateur League where 16 teams will compete for a prize of 1000 Yuan. "

Cybercup Dota 2 League

"16 teams will compete in the Cybercap Dota 2 League for a total prize pool of 1,000,000 Rubles!"

Silver Dota League

"A South american league that help the teams to gain points in the rankings of Dota 2 Brazlian teams made by fans!"

deafESL Cup America Season 1

"The deafESL behind the first season in a tournament made for the deaf community returns with the first season for the American division! Weekly tournaments take place in a single eliminiation format, all matches are a best of one and the grand final is best of three."

deafESL Cup Europe Season 1

"The deafESL behind the first season in a tournament made for the deaf community returns with the first season for the European division! Weekly tournaments take place in a single eliminiation format, all matches are a best of one and the grand final is best of three."

League of Dota EU Season 5

"League of Dota returns with 10 amateur tournaments for Europe played over the course of one month. Teams compete for cash prizes two times a week in single elimination tournaments."

League of Dota NA Season 5

"League of Dota returns with 10 amateur tournaments for North America played over the course of one month. Teams compete for cash prizes two times a week in single elimination tournaments."

Semipro Evening Cup Series Season 1

"SECS began in December 2009 and is the longest running Dota tournament series to date. There is open registration and cash prize every week!"

Sunt CDEC New Star Cup

"New Star is the continuation of traditional selection mode, the new team through the online registration will challenge pro teams which include DK, iG, LGD, VG and fight for 100000RMB price pool."

Balkan Dota 2 Premier Cup

"20 of the teams from Balkan region will battle it out for their share of the $200 prize pool. More than 100 matches!"


"The Chinese Dota Elite Community invades North America! This in-house league lets players compete every 2 weeks in competitive Dota 2!"

Macedonian Dota 2 Cup 4

"Macedonian teams compete for items in the fourth season of the Macedonian Cup! "

Rostov on Don Amateur Championship

"20 teams will compete from the Rostov region for a prize pool of 10,000 Rubles!"

Weekly Dota 2 Tournaments Season 1

"The Weekly Dota 2 Tournaments features amateur teams that participate in qualifiers on Monday and Thursday. Winners of the qualifiers move on to play in the finals on Saturday. First place receives $25 and second place receives $10."

Vicara Gaming Open

"The Vicara Gaming Open is an open bracket tournament! Teams will compete in a qualifier and the top three teams will be invited to the invitational to play against professional teams such as 4FC, Monomaniac and mYi."

Cold Spring Season 2

"Amateur and semi-professional teams from Europe and the CIS are fighting for a prize of $500!"

Star Cloud League Season 2

"The second season of the Star Cloud League now has two different skill classes with a total prize pool of over $400. It is free and open for everybody!"

Donbass Cyber League

"Amateur teams in Uktrain will compete for a total prize pool of 1,000 Hryvnia!"

Russian Dota Cup #1

"The Russian Dota Cup features 32 amateur teams competing for a prize pool of $250!"

Serbian Charity Cup

"Up to 32 teams from Serbia will compete in a tournament where all the money gathered will be going to charity!"

NADota Elite League Season 3

"The most talented players in North America compete in the classic in-house league format."

UI Updates

The player profile UI has been updated to include an "Edit Player Info" button which gives pro players a direct link to the official player information panel.

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Dazzle's Poison Touch has been updated to remove the note about the ministun.

- "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_dazzle_poison_touch_Note1" "The initial ministun will cancel channeling."

Some updates to the fantasy league joining strings, references to a new join fantasy league via id/password feature for Perfect World.

+ "Fantasy_League_Create_Header" "Create a New Fantasy League"

+ "Fantasy_League_Join_Header" "Join an Existing Fantasy League"

+ "fantasy_league_join_pw_details" "Join a Fantasy League by entering its League ID and Password."

+ "fantasy_league_join_invite_details" "or Join a Fantasy League to which you've been directly invited."

+ "fantasy_league_join_pw_enter_league_id" "Enter Fantasy League ID"

+ "fantasy_league_join_pw_enter_pw" "Enter Fantasy League Password"

+ "fantasy_league_set_password" "Set Fantasy League Password"

+ "fantasy_league_set_password_details" "Anyone can use this Fantasy League ID and the password to join."

+ "fantasy_league_set_password_id" "Fantasy League ID:"

+ "fantasy_league_set_password_password" "Password:"

+ "fantasy_league_invite_friends" "or Invite Friends Directly"

+ "fantasy_league_invite_friends_details" "Specify individual friends that you'd like to invite to this Fantasy League.\n\nIndividually-invited friends do not need a password."

The string for average score in the fantasy league UI has been updated to say "Average Weekly Score"

+ "fantasy_draft_avg_score" "Avg Weekly Score"

Some updates to the official player panel strings.

+ "player_info_warning" "This information can only be edited once every two weeks, so please make sure it is accurate before clicking OK!"

+ "player_info_submitted_success" "Success!\n\nThank you for submitting your information."

A new button for the player profile that allows players to directly access the official player panel UI.

+ "DOTA_EditOfficialInfo" "Edit Official Info"

A couple more ability tool tip updates.

+ "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_skeleton_king_reincarnation_Description" "Wraith King's members regroup after death, allowing him to resurrect when killed in battle. Upon death, enemy units in a %slow_radius% radius will be slowed."

+ "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_keeper_of_the_light_spirit_form_illuminate_Description" "Channels a ball of light energy, building power the longer it's channeled. Once released, the ball deals damage and gives vision in a line. The longer it is channeled, the more damage is dealt.\n\nUpgradable by Aghanim's Scepter, allowing Illuminate to heal allies for 75%% of its damage values during daytime."

The new treasure chests.

+ "StoreBanner_Header_TreasureOfTheBottledCloud" "Treasure of the Bottled Cloud"

+ "StoreBanner_Text_TreasureOfTheBottledCloud" "Claim heavenly gifts!"

+ "StoreBanner_Header_TreasureOfMoltenSteel" "Treasure of Molten Steel"

+ "StoreBanner_Text_TreasureOfMoltenSteel" "Forge your destiny!"

yol's player tag.

+ "DOTA_PlayerName_Yol" "RoX.KIS.yol"

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

Drow Ranger's Black Wind Raven set

This unreleased item set bundle is tagged as Genuine and is related to a promotion ran by the Korean Dota 2 operator Nexon.

Cosmetic Item Updates

Team Pennants

The existing team pennants have lost their games viewed gems. This is most likely a buga s the same thing has happened to taunts that contained gems as well.

Armoury Expanders

The Armoury Expanders are now back in the store for sale at a reasonable 5$, tough luck marketplace hounds.

Disruptor's Tempest Wrath Loading Screen

The brightness of the Tempest Wrath loading screen has been updated to make the loading screen clearer to see.

Disruptor's The Storm Rider's Bracer

The model and armoury icon for the The Storm Rider's Bracer is now correct and no longer matches the Tempest's Wrath Bracer.

Treasure of Sinister Arcanery

The armoury image for the Treasure of Sinister Arcanery has been updated.

Alliance's Player Cards

The player cards used during the International 2013 for Alliance have been updated with a new art style which matches the loading screen that was recently added in the Alliance HUD Bundle.

Predictions For The Next Hero