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Dota 2 - New Bloom Festival Day 1 Analysis

The upcoming event in Dota 2 for the Chinese New Year has been announced as the "New Bloom Festival", we take a look at what could be in store with this new event.

New Bloom Festival

As the New Bloom Festival for Dota 2 looms we take a look at what might be in store for the new event.

Day 1 Announcement:

Winter's Grip Eases

As the Winter starts to fade away it is now time for the new Bloom Festival to begin, "Now comes the New Bloom Festival, a time of great chaos and greater rewards, fated to set the stage for the struggles to come."

The Coming Of The Year Beast - The Beast Emerges

With the Bloom Festival comes a new gamemode which involves the killing of the Year Beast, upon doing so it will drop rare materials that can be crafted into unique New Bloom items.

The Year Beast is also featured on the header's artwork.

The Coming Of The Year Beast - Cycles Of Terror

The lore below explains why the Year Beast will continue to reappear allowing players to kill it numerous times throughout the event.

The Coming Of The Year Beast - Primed For Battle

You will need to be primed and ready to take down the Year Beast using the conventional items (normal Dota items) as well as purpose-built armaments (new in-game items) which are made from a new Flamesalt Ingots resource. The Flamesalt Ingots can be crafted into one of many different trinkets which will provide you a different range of tools for either disabling, distracting or damaging the Year Beast.

Flamesalt Ingots will be the base currency earned and used within the Year Beast gamemode.

Fortune's Favor

Similar to last month's Wraith King's Favor that was used in the Frostivus event we will now see a new Fortune's Favor that will provide a bonus boost to your Flamesalt Ingots income rate as well as allowing you to earn Jade Tokens which can be used to purchase lockless Bloom Bounties. The Bloom Bounties will contain a number of new items from the Workshop artists that have been themed for this event.

Crimson Parcels

A new addition for this event are the Crimson Parcels which are random gifts that contain a small amount of either Flamesalt Ingots or Jade Tokens. These will most likely drop in all the different Dota 2 modes as a standard end of game item drop.

To Those Who Brave The Beast

There will be a number of New Bloom recipes to earn which will allow you to craft a range of different New Bloom items that were submitted to the Workshop for the event. There will also be a number of items that can only be unboxed from the lockless Bloom Bounties that require Jade Tokens that are earned by owning a Fortune's Favor.

Redhoof Courier

A new elusive courier known as Redhoof will be the reward to the fiercest foes of the Year Beast. This will most likely be either provided as a recipe for defeating the Year Beast that will require a number of materials to craft or as a direct reward for killing him.

The Eight Shades Of Fortune - An Armory's Offering

Throughout the event you will be able to give your cosmetic items, couriers etc up as an offering.

The Eight Shades Of Fortune - An Armory's Offering

If your offering is sufficient and plentiful then you will possibly be rewarded with something rarer however no offer will go unrewarded meaning that you will always get back something in return such as more Flamesalt Ingots.

The Arena Reborn

As teased in the first image the New Bloom event will also bring a new Spring version of the Dota 2 map which features an overall oriental spring look with new blossom trees, paper laterns, new tower models and more.

The announcement of the New Bloom event will be broken down into multiple days so you can expect more goodies to be announced tomorrow.