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Kim 'Febby' Yongmin Joins The Korean StarTale Team

News has broken from the Korean StarTale Dota 2 team that Ik Jae 'Gandhi' Song is no longer be playing for the team and has been replaced by Kim 'Febby' Yongmin.

The Korean Dota 2 team StarTale who recently made an appearance at the EMS One Fall LAN event in Poland have made some adjustments to their roster after failing to make it past the group stage at the offline event.

The new StarTale lineup. Credits:

As noted on the team rosters that were recently posted on the e-Club Malaysia site for the upcoming Asian Cyber Games 2013 tournament it now confirms that Ik Jae 'Gandhi' Song would no longer be playing for the team and has seen the arrival of Kim 'Febby' Yongmin in his place who recently quit the For Our Utopia team which has since disbanded.

onGamers reached out to StarTale and spoke with Jeffrey 'Tenbird' Yi who told us that:

"We were looking for a player to fill Gandhi's spot and Febby seemed unhappy playing with his team, so the timing felt right to bring him into the team."

Jeffrey also informed us that the change had only taken place a few days ago and that the team was still adjusting to the changes.

The venue for the Asian Cyber Games, D'Marquee, Downtown East in Singapore.

The Asian Cyber Games are due to take place from the 27th till the 29th of December at the D'Marquee, Downtown East in Singapore and has a total prize pool of $30,000 with first place taking half of that at $15,000.