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LGD-Gaming announces secondary Dota 2 team known as LGD.CDEC

The secondary LGD-Gaming team, known as LGD.CDEC, will be led by Yao 'Maybe' Lu and will feature new up-and-coming talent from the Chinese scene.

The LGD-Gaming organisation has today announced a secondary Dota 2 team led by Yao 'Maybe' Lu, who departed from the main LGD roster earlier this year.

The new team features the CDEC tagline which stands for the inhouse "Chinese Dota Elite Community" league and aims to focus on developing and discovering new up-and-coming talent in the Chinese Dota scene.


  • Pan 'Ruru' Jie (Manager)
  • Yao 'Maybe' Lu (Captain)
  • Wang '333' Yutian
  • Sun 'Xh' Zheng
  • Liu 'Garder' Xinzhou
  • HHH

The new team will see temporary leadership from Pan 'Ruru' Jie and have yet to assign a coach. Coach Zou '820' Yitian will remain focused on the primary LGD team, whilst Yao 'Maybe' Lu takes on the captain duty.

The rest of the team is formed up of relatively new/unfamiliar players:

  • LGD.CDEC.333 is a former offlane player of HGT (HyperGloryTeam/Heart Get Together).
  • LGD.CDEC.xh is a top 10 player from the Chinese ladder.
  • LGD.CDEC.Garder is a former player of the New Element team.
  • LGD.CDEC.HHH is a new up-and-coming player.

LGD-Gaming provided the following statement on the news:

Hello everyone! Today, we are pleased to announce LGD.CDEC, our second Chinese team led by Yao 'Maybe' Lu.

Earlier this year, we signed Yao 'Maybe' Lu to our main squad following the departure of Zhang 'xiao8' Ning. However, after some time, we decided to undergo another roster change. We did not kick Maybe from our organization as we gave him an opportunity to make his own team. After some time, we are proud to announce his four teammates in LGD.CDEC: xh, 333, Gader and HHH.

You are probably unfamiliar with these names, but we believe that things will change in the future as we think that this team has the potential to challenge some of the best teams in the country. Over the past few years, we signed several up-and-coming players who ended up playing for some of the best teams in China, and we hope that these players will prove themselves in the future.

We are happy to give a chance to these players who are motivated and determined to achieve great things. They are the future of China, the future of the game we all love.

Please, give them a warm welcome.