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Locodoco to be tapped as TSM's new full time coach

Barring last minute offers, Korea's Choi 'Locodoco' Yoonsup is expected to be announced as TSM's new full time coach.

Update - 7:52 PM PST: TSM Owner Andy Dinh has confirmed Choi as the team's new coach.

Team SoloMid founding starter Choi 'Locodoco' Yoonsup has been tapped by TSM owner Andy 'Reginald' Dinh to be the team's new full-time coach, onGamers has learned. On Thursday Dinh tweeted that the team's new full-time coach will arrive on Tuesday, stating that the team's 'hard work will start showing in LCS'. TSM is currently fifth in the NA Summer Split standings with a 4-4 record, losing three out of their last four.

Barring any last minute offers from other teams, Choi is expected to board a flight on Tuesday afternoon to TSM's headquarters in Los Angeles. Choi had been in talks with Alliance among other LCS teams in recent weeks to fill a head coaching spot sought-after by many North American and European teams, but decided on TSM in the end.

The addition of Choi brings TSM coaching staff to three, which includes owner Dinh and former jungler Brian 'TheOddOne' Wyllie, who stepped down from the team on May 3rd. Dinh has been coaching the team since stepping down from the lineup on November 2nd of last year to focus on allocating time to the business end of TSM.

In a May 7th Ask Me Anything shortly after Wyllie's removal, Dinh stated that he was "really happy that [TheOddOne] wants to stay with the team and help me coach the team." On May 30th Wyllie released a new schedule with over 60 hours a week of constant streaming, leaving doubt for Wyllie's role as a coach moving forward.

It is currently unclear how the coaching hierarchy will operate within TSM with the addition of Choi. onGamers has reached out to TSM for comment.

Choi makes the return to TSM after parting ways with his first professional League of Legends team in late March of 2011, citing restrictions from Riot Games that he would not be allowed to play with TSM at the Season 1 World Finals.