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Look at Spring Fantasy stats to project top picks for Summer. Bjergsen, Meteos, and Balls are top picks.

A look at the spring stats calculated with Riot's fantasy formula. We look at the top 3 in each role, the top teams, how roles are distributed, and a full table with all data.

With the new Summer split coming up and the addition of Riot's Fantasy League, we wanted to break down some of the spring stats in order to see the top picks so you can get an edge when drafting for LCS Fantasy. Note: Because NA was much more imbalanced last split, and since Riot's fantasy draft favors winning players over all, most of the top picks are from C9/TSM/CLG. I might be cautious because the upcoming NA split might be more competitive with the bolstered Dignitas roster, LMQ, and other roster changes, but I still think Bjergsen is the #1 pick for fantasy.

Top Picks

Team Table

Along with players you get to choose a team, and choosing the most winning team clearly brings results for this section, so choose whoever you think will do the best in LCS next split!

Role Breakdown

Like in fantasy football, different positions score different amount of points, so it's important to see the breakdown so you can prioritize your picks accordingly (and not pick a kicker on the first round). Overall, AD carry is biggest point catcher.

All Player Table

Here is the data for all the players!

Data collected with help by the onGamers Stats team: Jesse 'JALbert' Albert, Derek 'Kathix' Adams, Steven 'whedgehead' Falgout, Kent 'Traepoint' Frasure, Jake Morales, and James 'PelkaSupaFresh' Pelkey. Design by Ben 'Sarcasmappreciated' Li.