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Looking for (more) extraordinary people

onGamers recruiting more (full time & freelance) positions soon: writers, video production, community management

Hi everyone, we will be staffing up further next year - and we are looking for people with extraordinary drive to join our team. We're looking for people with a strong work ethic, a team-first mentality, and a drive to raise the standard of esports content.

  • Video production lead (fulltime)
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Description: Lead and oversee the planning, creation, programming and promotion of video on onGamers and our future distribution platforms. In this role you will join a new department with a startup mentality, and strive to make history as we stretch our video muscles in new and exciting ways. 5+ years of relevant production experience required.

  • Video producers (fulltime + freelance)
  • Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York preferred, Cologne preferred, other locations accepted for the right talent.
  • Description: Must be a selfstarter, capable of producing top quality video content, from idea phase to shooting to editing. You will be traveling to esports events all over the world, work long hours - but see and experience the best of esports like few others. It will be awesome.

  • Community manager (fulltime)
  • Location: US / San Francisco preferred
  • Description: Help us make onGamers an awesome, friendly and exciting destination on the web. Extensive knowledge of the esports community, as well as social media metrics and reporting.

  • News reporters (fulltime + freelance)
  • Location: Not a requirement
  • Skill set: Strong written English with an extensive knowledge of esports. You will be making and breaking stories, as well as reporting on the most important storylines and athletes in the esports industry. You will live life on the edge, make one tiny mistake and people on twitter will skin you alive.

We want to create awesome products that entertain, educate and inform esports enthusiasts all over the world. If that sounds like you, please send your resume, examples of your work and skills in practical use (you will be evaluated on this) and anything else you think we should know to We will get back to you within 2-4 weeks.