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Marcel 'dexter1' Feldkamp's Visa cancelled, CLG left without a starting jungler (Updated)

Feldkamp is on his way home after spending a night in a cell.

Update: CLG General Manager Kelby May spoke briefly to onGamers about Feldkamp's Visa issues.

"Though Dexter's athlete visa is in progress, it hasn't been approved yet. He had documentation to come to the US legally through a visa waiver, but was still denied access to an extent and for reasons still unknown. Dexter is not an employee or contracted to CLG in any way. He has not been paid by the company or any of its employees, partners, or affiliates. We assume he was turned away due to the assumption he was attempting to enter the US and obtain work illegally, so this ruling greatly disappoints us if it is in fact true. Dexter is still trying out, but it is almost certain he will not be able to return to the US until he is an official employee and his athlete visa is approved."

Counter Logic Gaming lost their jungler today after Marcel 'dexter1' Feldkamp's Visa was cancelled. He announced the news via Twitter moments ago.

Feldkamp pulled no punches in his displeasure at the situation after spending a night in a cell.

onGamers has reached out to Counter Logic Gaming for a comment on the events.

Update: Counter Logic Gaming has released a pair of tweets to help clarify what has happened.

Image Credit: Counter Logic Gaming