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MeetYourMakers confirms they are returning to Dota 2

The MYM organisation who once had one of the most successful Dota teams and a Dota 2 team who attended the first International is indeed making a return to the scene.

One of the longest running professional gaming organisations MeetYourMakers (MYM) has confirmed with onGamers that they are indeed planning on returning to Dota 2 after spending a year away from the game. The rumours of the return started after followers of the MYM Dota Facebook page noticed that the cover image was updated with a new set of sponsors.

The Facebook cover image in question that sparked the rumours.

Earlier today onGamers spoke to Khaled Naim the General Manager / CEO of the organisation who told us that they were indeed working on making a comeback to Dota 2 and stressed how important it was to make sure things were done correctly this time and that the sufficient contracts were in place first in order to protect any impending team and the organisation themselves.

"The old Management was not able to plan this in a stable way. MYM has been damaged because of this. I want to do it right and correctly."

Khaled also confirmed that he would be personally taking the reins of the project after the problems that occurred in the past between the previous management and the old team.

"Mistakes, which have happened in the past, will be avoided by me."

His comments are referring directly to MYM's history within the Dota 2 scene where things have not been on the best of terms after their ex-manager Laurent 'Ange' Blum was fired for withholding prize pool winnings from the team who played at the 2011 International. The full details regarding the incident have never been fully released to the public but it has done damage to the organisation's reputation within the Dota scene.

No time scale has been set on the return however the organisation has been actively working on the plans since the end of last year.