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More information released on LoL All Stars qualification

Whalen 'Riot Magus' Rozelle gives more detail on how international teams will qualify.

With the lack of information put forward from today's All Star announcement, some wondered how teams from OGN and LPL would qualify for the All Star Invitational.

Whalen 'Riot Magus' Rozelle cleared up some misconceptions on Twitter, stating: "We're taking the 1st place LPL team as of 4/26."

Rozelle went on to say: "NA LCS, EU LCS, GPL spring champs, and from Korea we're taking the team with the most [circuit] points as of April 25th"

Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles told onGamers: "Since qualification for the Korean team for All-Stars is determined by the team with the highest circuit point total by April 25th, SK Telecom T1 K is nearly guaranteed to attend the event in Paris. SKT T1 K currently holds 400 circuit points, while Samsung Ozone trails behind in second place with 225. In order for Ozone to pass SKT, SKT would have to fail to advance from the group stage AND Ozone would have to lock a berth in the Champions Spring final, thereby guaranteeing Ozone a minimum of 225 more points. I am awaiting the playoff schedule from OGN, which I will receive later today, but I do not believe that the semi-finals for Champions Spring will be completed by 4/25, thereby rendering the above scenario impossible. I will confirm as soon as I receive the playoff schedule."

Image Credit: Riot Games