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North American team Napkins in Disguise disband for undisclosed reasons

Some team members state they will no longer be involved in the competitive scene.

Multiple members of Napikins in Disguise took to Twitter today, announcing the disbandment of the team. Not only that, some members claim to be done with the competitive scene entirely. NiD's jungler, Christopher 'ScubaChris' Lee, broke the news first.

This was followed quickly by NiD's manager, Angel 'theAndelgVigil' Vigil.

NiD's AD Carry, Josh 'Brunch' Abrantes, was also active on Twitter, but was not able to disclose why the team is no longer together.

Vigil shed a little more light on the situation, saying that the team "toppled over" for a "multitude of reasons," but said it was a good time while the team was together. The most curious aspect is Lee and Vigil stating they are no longer going to pursue a career in competitive League of Legends. Team members Tyson 'InnoX' Kapler, Nicholas 'nubbypoohbear' Harlan, and Nicolas 'Gleebglarbu' Haddad have yet to comment on the situation.

Update: Head North American LCS Referee J.T. Vandenbree, AKA RiotTiza, posted two tweets regarding the situation.

NiD's former support, Nicolas 'Gleebglarbu' Haddad, also made a brief statement on reddit.

"While I'm not sure what the rest of the team is going to be up to, I'll still be playing competitively and looking at whatever options I have available to me," he said. "I wish all of them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do!"

Photo Credit: Napkins in Disguise

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Edited by jaron95

There is so much attrition and volatility in esports, it makes me worry for the future of the scene. Hopefully it's just growing pains and time will bring stability.

PS: "no longer be apart" means "no longer be separated", so this article's subheadline is confusing.

Edited by YourBullshitIsOP

There is so much bias toward the NA eSports scene in the above comment; that and the misleading subheading of the article makes me worried for the future of humanity with how misleading and lacking in grammar it can be.

Posted by Shorebird

There is a lot of volatility, true, but these are mostly teenage kids who find themselves suddenly on the brink of international attention. Your parents are howling for you to go to college, your peers either idolize you or think you're weird and obsessed, your whole life revolves around four-to-five people you know mostly through pings and gg's, and THEN SUDDENLY you have to put everything on hold on a gamble for the chance to give up a year+ of your life to play the game against the best in the world. It's daunting to even think about. I can't imagine the kind of pressure that has to create, especially for these amateur teams who need to perform like they're in the LCS with none of the stability, support structure, fans, or resources.

Posted by YourBullshitIsOP

The above comment also has a lot of bias towards the NA eSports scene. The thing that is really volatile is the amount of assumptions people can make and the implications people can draw from those assumptions in a short period of time.

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Wow there really is so much instability.

I really liked NiD, well gl!