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Nukeduck and Mithy barred from competitive play

The NiP duo is suspended from competitive play in both Challenger Series and the LCS until the end of 2014.


Today, an announcement was made on the League of Legends forum by eSports coordinator Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin. It revealed details regarding an investigation around two of Europe's most controversial League figures - NiP's support and mid laner Mithy and NukeDuck.

The report detailed the continuation of both players' offensive behavior, rising their toxicity ratings to the top 1% of the EUW server. After careful consideration and analysis, the ruling of the Tribunal was final - both are to be barred from competing in both the European Challenger Series and the League of Legends Championship Series until the end of 2014. This automatically means that the duo will miss the opportunity to qualify for the Season 5(2015) EU LCS.

This revelation comes a couple of months after both were fined 500$ after a screenshot was leaked on reddit. The picture showed racial slurs and offensive language targeted at the other players in a custom game lobby.

Recent addition and community favourite Alexey 'Alex Ich' Ichetovkin posted his view on things on Facebook:

I did know the risk of playing with nukeduck and mithy. And having them banned now, ye its sad, but I guess we will be fine. They are really nice guys in real life and really dedicated and all the circlejerk about them being super toxic started from the leaked screenshot of custom game. I guess I agree on bans but the timing isn't really the best one for the team. Now we got only around 10 days to prepare for next Coke match. But I won't give up, there are worse things happening in life. Sad morning.