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Nukeduck and Mithy fined for offensive language

Riot announced that Challenger players Nukeduck and Mithy will be fined for offensive language.

From the Riot Games ruling:

In mid-March, Holm [and Rodriguez] was observed using offensive, racist language in a League of Legends game lobby. LCS and Challenger players are expected to be examples of sportsmanship and respect, and model citizens in and out of game.

Both NiP players have been fined $500 USD. This announcement comes after screenshots of the players using offensive terms in a private game lobby were leaked.

Ninjas In Pajamas management told esportsheaven:

We feel that the screenshots, taken out of a custom game, have been blown out of proportion and were posted with malicious intent towards the players in question. However we in Ninjas in Pyjamas do not condone such behaviour from our players and they have been reprimanded accordingly. We expect our players to behave like the pillars of the professional community that they should strive to be.