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Ocelote responds to accusations of inaccurate income

Ocelote has provided onGamers with a statement in response to accusations about inaccurate income numbers.

Yesterday, onGamers published an excerpt of an interview with SK Gaming Managing Director, Alexander 'TheSlaSH' Müller in which he claimed that Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez Santiago's claims of making 600,000 Euros per year are inaccurate. Stephen 'Snoopeh' Ellis responded to the statement indicating that Ocelote had artificially inflated his salaries and social media platforms.

onGamers reached out to Ocelote for statement and was provided with the following response:

Regarding that income topic, it's pretty simple:

Nobody except me and my accountants know the sources of income and where is all being invested in. And will keep being this way, as I'm not here to teach people how to make their companies or fan bases grow.

Would be pretty silly thinking you know how my companies profit.

Especially when sometimes they are working under my 'playground', business-wise, without even knowing it.

Changing topic...

I can't help but cringe, seeing how a Club or a Player react when their par is doing better.

When an organization needs to devalue a player that left them, in order to get some value back... Then you know the bottom was reached.

Same example goes for players that use the same mediocre marketing strategy, using the hypocrisy with mother tongue English skills to enchant the crowd.

My Father always told me:

'There are two ways to succeed in life,
One is working your ass off,
The other one is leaving corpses behind.'

I use the first one, and it's going pretty well actually.

Meanwhile others spend their hours trying to devalue others, I spend mines building my future and growth.

With a smile in my face, bringing smiles to all those around me.

At the end, they are harming themselves and they don't even see it.

Said this, stay tuned, the evolution of peripherals is on its way. Never seen before.

By the way, where the hell am I and what am I gonna do with all these empty square meters?


Image Credit: Ocelote