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PDD Officially Announces His Retirement

After more or less insisting that he will only retire when he says so, Liu 'PDD' Mou officially reveals his retirement.

At the start of the split, Invictus Gaming revealed that they would be replacing Liu 'PDD' Mou in the top lane with YongSu, who made his debut in LPL yesterday, June 14th, in iG's match against their sister team Young Glory. This news launched speculation that PDD would be retiring. In response, PDD stated that if he were to retire, he or the iG organization would be the ones to make the announcement.

Today, PDD confirmed that he will indeed be retiring from competitive League of Legends. The announcement acknowledges his time with Team NGG, Ehome and ultimately iG. He thanks the organizations for giving him the best four years of his life before telling fans that his retirement is the end of a journey, but also a starting point.

This is not the first time PDD has announced his retirement. When he changed teams from Ehome to iG, PDD cited health problems with his hands as a reason for retirement before returning to competitive LoL as the top laner for iG. He has also announced his retirement as a running joke throughout the years since.

PDD's announcement today, however, seems more permanent. With heavy hearts, we bid PDD adieu and wish him the best in his future endeavors. PDD has been well-regarded throughout his career, having performed well in lane against big names like TPA Stanley. If he should remain in the scene as a caster or coach, it is likely that he would be welcomed.