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'Reflections' with Araneae

Episode 5 of 'Reflections' focuses on Millenium Jungler Araneae.

Alvar 'Araneae' Martin Aleñar, Jungler of Millenium, is the star of the fifth episode of 'Reflections'.

What does he think is the secret to beating M5/Gambit? What did he bring to SK in S2? How does his shot-calling style work? How does he see himself as a Lee Sin player? What are Diamondprox's strengths? How do bengi, DanDy and KaKAO compare? In what way does he defend ocelote against suggestions of the mid laner have fallen off in S3?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:07 Intro
  • 00:16 How good were Na`Vi?
  • 01:43 CitizenWayne
  • 02:30 Expectations upon joining SK in late 2012.
  • 05:13 What he added to SK.
  • 06:35 The approach to beating CLG.EU.
  • 07:36 Did SK party before the S2 Regional final because they knew M5 would beat them in the final?
  • 09:08 The secret to stopping Moscow Five.
  • 10:27 Diamondprox's strengths and reputation as an innovator.
  • 11:36 Araneae using champions like Lee Sin and Elise, despite not being famed for mechanics.
  • 12:39 Diamondprox and inSec.
  • 13:17 How important are mechanics for a jungler?
  • 14:13 ocelote balancing streaming and practicing when Araneae joined.
  • 15:51 Spanish people being up and down emotionally.
  • 17:23 How does his shot-calling work in Alternate?
  • 18:29 Araneae wants to fight and engage?
  • 19:38 Alternate trying to qualify in the first LCS split.
  • 20:48 Adding Creaton to Alternate.
  • 21:51 What is Creaton good at?
  • 22:59 Alternate being predictable by picking the champions they liked in LCS Summer.
  • 23:46 Does he look back on the time they were leading LCS before Creaton broke his hand?
  • 25:51 ocelote's problems in S3.
  • 27:30 Is playing with Kev1n in Alternate similar to when Araneae was in SK?
  • 29:12 The stereotype of Alternate being all the solo queue stars when Araneae joined.
  • 30:57 Snoopeh at his peak and comparing him to now.
  • 32:33 Other junglers who stand out.
  • 33:22 Amazing as a jungler.
  • 34:23 NA junglers.
  • 35:09 How does he stay motivated?
  • 36:43 Araneae studying while playing.
  • 37:13 Asian junglers.
  • 39:41 Comparing bengi, DanDy and KaKAO.
  • 40:59 A Korean jungler who plays like Araneae does.
  • 41:12 Aliens force him to create an all-Korean equivalent of the S2 Regional Finals SK line-up.
  • 43:02 Final words/Outro.