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'Reflections' with Crumbzz

Episode 8 of 'Reflections' goes in-depth with Team Dignitas Jungler Crumbzz.

Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo, Jungler of Team Dignitas, is the star of the eighth episode of 'Reflections'.

What does Crumbzz think of his time playing Top lane for Dignitas? How does he evaluate TheOddOne as a jungler now? Is Diamondprox still the best jungler? What were Dignitas' problems in 2013? Where does Crumbzz stack up in terms of mechanics? How does he evaluate SKT's bengi?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:07 Intro
  • 00:11 His time in Curse.
  • 01:01 His role in the three-way trade between Dignitas, CLG and Curse.
  • 02:08 Playing Top lane.
  • 03:32 If IWillDominate hadn't been banned would he have stayed Top lane?
  • 04:32 IWillDominate
  • 05:22 Saintvicious
  • 06:27 TheOddOne
  • 07:32 Can a jungler get away with just having good decision-making but not good mechanics?
  • 08:45 Crumbzz in terms mechanics.
  • 10:08 inSec
  • 13:50 HotshotGG if he'd stayed into the tanky top lane meta.
  • 15:43 Voyboy.
  • 18:00 Diamondprox
  • 21:05 His synergy with scarra.
  • 23:05 Dignitas over 2013.
  • 26:14 The problems with Dignitas.
  • 28:45 Dignitas overcompensating for mistakes.
  • 31:05 His comments about the EU meta.
  • 32:58 Who is the star player of Dignitas?
  • 36:09 An underrated jungler.
  • 37:59 Give a Korean player as a reference point for each member of Dignitas.
  • 40:09 Final words/Outro.
Posted by CptSpectacular

Aside from the mistake at the beginning with his name, this seems to be appearing twice in the League of Legends section.

Good content, though.