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'Reflections' with Froggen

Episode 3 of 'Reflections' goes in-depth with Alliance's Mid lane star Froggen.

Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen, Mid laner of Alliance, is the star of the third episode of 'Reflections'.

Was Froggen the best in S2? Was he stubborn with champion picks in 2013? Would EG still have the same line-up as before if they'd qualified for Worlds? Did he have good synergy with Snoopeh in 2013? Has his career matched his expectations?

Froggen thanks Monster, XMG and Razer for their support.

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:08 Intro
  • 00:18 Players he liked to watch in S1.
  • 01:33 bigfatlp in S1.
  • 02:31 Was anivia nerfed because of Froggen?
  • 03:54 Was he the best in S2?
  • 05:26 His mentality in S2.
  • 07:04 His champion pool when he was at his peak in S2.
  • 08:48 Was there any period in 2013 when his skill dipped?
  • 09:40 His play in 2013.
  • 11:28 If he had been in a different team would he have played more of the assassins?
  • 13:08 Why he didn't play Orianna much in the LCS regular season.
  • 14:20 Is Froggen stubborn with not picking OP champions?
  • 15:34 Couldn't Froggen play every champion and only play counter-picks in every match?
  • 17:22 The balance between picking flavour of the month champions and champions he picks for comfort/utility.
  • 18:59 Was he more focused on in bans than mid laners like xPeke and Alex Ich?
  • 20:55 Is it obvious that Faker is the best?
  • 22:44 If every great S3 mid laner had good mid-jungler synergy then did Froggen have issues with synergy with Snoopeh in S3?
  • 23:59 The priority of getting a jungler in his new team.
  • 25:38 Is Shook better than Diamondprox?
  • 26:43 Comparing Shook to other junglers.
  • 27:36 Was Wickd able to live up to his potential as a threat in 2013?
  • 29:52 Wickd being stubborn about picks.
  • 31:13 Has Froggen's career matched his expectations?
  • 33:26 Would he change his approach to how EG played in 2013?
  • 35:36 If EG had qualified for Worlds would they still have the same line-up now?
  • 36:48 The philosophy of building Alliance.
  • 38:11 What types of players Froggen needs around him to be at his best.
  • 39:28 Changes from S2 to S3 for the best mids.
  • 41:38 His level in solo q when he was in Korea.
  • 42:50 Ambition.
  • 44:04 Good Korean mid laners.
  • 45:44 Comparing Bjergsen and nukeduck.
  • 47:14 Difference between the new school EU mid laners and the old school.
  • 48:34 MaKNooN and Reapered playing mid this season of OGN.
  • 49:29 Smartcasting.
  • 51:08 What difference does smartcasting make for him?
  • 52:26 Did Froggen ever consider offers from NA teams?
  • 54:05 Jwaow.