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'Reflections' with Imaqtpie

Episode 2 of 'Reflections' sees Team Dignitas' Imaqtpie breaking down his philosophy on League of Legends.

Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana, AD Carry of Team Dignitas, is the star of the second episode of 'Reflections'.

Why does he think copying Koreans is bad? Which position would he have "become a god" in if he'd gone back and changed? Why does he consider himself better than all the NA ADCs? What crucial mistake from L0cust in the IEM final against M5 put the team in big trouble? How was his experience playing in Korea last year?

Imaqtpie thanks Be Quiet, Intel, Kingston Hyper X, Qpad, twitch, Multiuplay, Creative Sound Blaster, Western Digital, Scan, iiyama, Alienware for their support. Special thanks to Lisha Wei for helping set this interview up and ODEE for unleashing the dongerking.

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:07 Intro
  • 00:17 Is Imaqtpie serious when it comes to competition?
  • 01:15 Does he still think the past versions of Dignitas could have been the best in North America?
  • 02:15 What aspect of mentality does he think holds Dignitas back?
  • 02:37 Is it a problem that Dignitas get along so well and seem laid back?
  • 04:25 His statement that the NA meta is not giving a fuck about the meta.
  • 05:05 Are there NA teams who copy Koreans well?
  • 06:10 Is there an overall style NA can have which could be unique to that region?
  • 07:49 Imaqtpie's philsophy on champion picks.
  • 08:31 How much shot-calling does he do and how does it affect his game?
  • 09:44 Is it a problem to shot-call from ADC?
  • 10:52 If he could go back and pick a new role, what would he pick?
  • 11:39 Why would that role has suited him better?
  • 11:59 NA teams restarting games if they mess up at level 1 in scrims.
  • 13:52 Dignitas doesn't ever practice XD.GG? Who do they practice?
  • 15:24 Jatt's comments about TSM trolling in scrims.
  • 16:25 Why were TSM unbeatable for Dignitas?
  • 17:10 Had they given up already when they played M5 in the IEM final?
  • 18:03 Genja's 1v2 urgot botlane.
  • 18:35 The analogy of Dignitas being like the Atlanta Hawks of the end of the 2000s in basketball.
  • 20:10 Are there Dignitas type players out there?
  • 21:17 If he doesn't consider himself a mechanical ADC, has he ever considered himself the best in NA at ADC?
  • 22:25 In what sense does he consider himself better than Doublelift or WildTurtle?
  • 23:38 Thoughts on Genja.
  • 24:48 His botlane with Patoy.
  • 26:49 Wouldn't Support be an ideal position for qptie?
  • 27:47 His expectations upon going to Korea.
  • 29:28 Did Korea not give him ideas on how to practice back at home?
  • 30:06 The level of Koreans back during his time in Korea.
  • 30:49 If TSM had gone to Korea would they have been good?
  • 31:04 Why doesn't he think Chaox was good?
  • 32:33 Does he watch OGN?
  • 33:05 Would he have scouted Koreans if Dig had got to Worlds?
  • 33:43 Do we have a Western ADC who is mechanically and conceptually good at the same time?
  • 34:33 Can mancloud be put in the same category as Faker?
  • 34:48 European players
  • 35:53 Where are his ideas for improvement going to come from?
  • 37:17 S4 impact on botlane.
  • 37:47 His comments about the EG.NA players.
  • 39:19 The perception that ppl in NA soloq just troll.
  • 40:07 Why wasn't he into streaming earlier?
  • 40:52 If he quit progaming, would he become just a streaming star?
  • 42:14 Fans believing they could become pros.
  • 43:39 Has playing LoL given him any wisdom that can apply to real life?
  • 44:00 Aliens come to Earth, they force qptie to remake SKT using NA players only.
  • 45:51 Final words/Outro.