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'Reflections' with mithy

Episode 12 of 'Reflections' goes in-depth with Ninjas in Pyjamas Support mithy.

Alfonso "mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez, Support player of Ninjas in Pyjamas, is the star of the twelfth episode of 'Reflections'.

How good was mithy at Bloodline Champions? How would he describe his talent for trading in the lane? Why does he think ADCs who farm 10 creeps per minute are playing incorrectly? How Korean players like Piglet and imp compare to European ADCs? How did the change from S3 to S4 affect mithy? What does he think of Nyph and Tabzz's botlane? How good is FORG1VEN?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:06 Intro
  • 00:21 How good was mithy in Bloodline Champions?
  • 02:27 Does mithy have a general skill in knowing what to do and when?
  • 03:29 Did mithy never consider being a laner?
  • 06:11 mithy's talent for trading.
  • 08:33 What contributed to mithy being at the top during his time in Lemondogs?
  • 10:09 His level before Lemondogs.
  • 12:16 European Supports in S3.
  • 14:01 Not being able to tell how good an opponent is until you face them in the server.
  • 15:58 Playing SKT (Piglet and PoohManDu) at Worlds.
  • 17:01 Playing the Ozone botlane (Mata and imp)
  • 18:09 An example of Koreans being different in dodging skillshots.
  • 19:06 imp compared to European ADCs.
  • 20:09 Piglet (SKT)
  • 21:28 PoohManDu (SKT)
  • 23:13 PoohManDu's champion pool.
  • 24:20 Locodoco saying mithy was really good.
  • 26:18 Scrimming Royal Club's botlane (uzi and Tabe)
  • 26:49 Which ADC is the closest to perfect mechanically?
  • 27:37 How did the champion pool changing from S3 to S4 affect mithy?
  • 28:39 What do you need to play an engage Support champion, compared to the S3 pool?
  • 29:11 Is Annie OP as a Support champion?
  • 30:48 If mithy could go back in time to Worlds and play Annie, would he own everyone?
  • 32:09 How similar were the different regions in how they played?
  • 33:55 mithy saying he's bad and not sounding confident.
  • 34:34 Had Freeze changed when mithy came back to playing with him?
  • 36:04 mithy and Freeze now compared to mithy and Tabzz last season.
  • 37:02 The vision war in S4.
  • 39:19 My theory that Tabzz and Nyph don't have much synergy since both were used to their lane partners leading the action.
  • 41:35 How European botlanes are led.
  • 43:26 The Genja and Edward botlane.
  • 44:35 Genja's approach to ADC.
  • 46:02 ADCs thinking their role is all about farming as much as possible.
  • 46:39 Comparing the current fnatic botlane (Rekkles and YellOwStaR) to the Worlds botlane (puszu and YellOwStaR)
  • 49:09 ADCs in EU compared to NA.
  • 49:59 FORG1VEN (Wolves)
  • 51:29 Mafa (KT Bullets)
  • 52:24 MadLife (Frost)
  • 53:31 Lustboy (Blaze)
  • 54:33 NiP since the promotion series.
  • 56:09 If NiP had played SHC instead of KMT and made it into the LCS, would things have gone the same way for the team in terms of form?
  • 58:03 If all LoL pros had to play in a team made only of players from their country, how would Spain do and what would the team be?
  • 1:01:02 Final words/Outro.