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'Reflections' with NaNiwa

Episode 18 of 'Reflections' is an in-depth discussion with foreign star NaNiwa about StarCraft2 practice in South Korea.

Johan 'NaNiwa' Lucchesi, Swedish Protoss player, is the star of the 18th episode of 'Reflections'.

Was NaNiwa a bad loser as a boy? How much did he practice when he initially got to Korea? Would other Korean players in the team house help out with custom games and advice? What was the highest of the big named foreigners got on the Korean GM ladder? Do Protoss players have to gamble? Why does he like to play LoL now? What does he think of Faker?

Time line of topics discussed

  • 00:06 Intro
  • 00:29 Was NaNiwa bad tempered or a bad loser as a kid?
  • 01:51 NaNiwa's competitive motivation stemming from his parents.
  • 02:45 Was there a sport he dreamed of being a pro at?
  • 04:34 If he had been more successful in WC3, would it be his favourite RTS?
  • 06:30 Why NaNiwa was a super cheesy player early in SC2.
  • 08:39 Was there a set amount of practice in place in the early days (late 2010 to early 2011)?
  • 10:06 Practicing a lot initially in Korea and not having results for a while there.
  • 12:15 How much did he practice during his times in Korea?
  • 15:38 Could he play custom games with players in the StarTale house? How did he practice?
  • 17:18 Would staying at StarTale have been ideal for him?
  • 18:40 Koreans not being willing to help foreigners who are going to face Koreans.
  • 21:55 Did it hold him back that he couldn't get proper team help from the Koreans?
  • 23:36 If NaNiwa embraced Korean culture and pretended to be super respectful, could he have been accepted by the Koreans?
  • 26:22 When he was ranked 3rd in the Korean GM league were all the other players near the top the best tournament players?
  • 27:48 Were other Koreans in the team house impressed when he was ranked 3rd?
  • 29:24 Why could he not translate ladder success to tournament wins?
  • 31:06 If NaNiwa was ranked 3rd at his peak, where were other foreigners (SaSe, Snute, Scarlett, HuK etc.)?
  • 32:25 When top Koreans dropped off in results did their ladder rankings follow suit?
  • 34:03 Why are top Koreans' GSL results so up and down?
  • 36:08 How much did he play when at the EG-TL house?
  • 37:43 Did other Koreans from other teams ask him for practice when he was top ranked?
  • 38:53 NA players on the West Coast being able to practice on the Korean ladder without lag, if they wanted to.
  • 41:40 Foreigners going to Korea and having a low win-rate initially.
  • 43:21 Has he ever felt a limit in SC2 due to his APM?
  • 45:50 The perception that Protoss doesn't require as much APM.
  • 47:54 Do Protoss players have to gamble?
  • 49:35 Contrasting StarDust and sOs.
  • 52:25 What changed for NaNiwa in 2013?
  • 54:45 Losing love for SC2.
  • 57:27 What he likes about League of Legends.
  • 57:45 Is Faker more skilled/talented than someone like Scarlett?
  • 59:53 Why doesn't he prefer Dota2?
  • 1:01:18 Why doesn't he ask the Alliance Dota2 players to help him out?
  • 1:02:12 Final words/Outro.