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'Reflections' with NintendudeX

Episode 7 of 'Reflections' has Coast Jungler NintendudeX talking jungling past and present.

Joshua 'NintendudeX' Atkins, Jungler of Team Coast, is the star of the seventh episode of 'Reflections'.

How does NintendudeX sees his early LANs in 2012, placing top four a number of times? Why have the top NA teams been so slow to recognise rising talent outside of their ranks? Who is the better NA jungler: meteos or Xmithie? What were Saintvicious and TheOddOne like in their primes?

NintendudeX would like to thank Team Coast sponsors LoL-Class, CyberPowerPC, Corsair, ClickPoint Software, and Leads Distribution Software.

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:08 Intro
  • 00:17 His thoughts on Diamondprox dismissing him in a stream video.
  • 01:17 Beating aAa at IPL4 with Monomaniac.
  • 03:42 Finishing top 4 again, this time at MLG Spring
  • 05:36 Finishing 4th at GIGABYTE Esports LAN.
  • 08:07 Getting removed from Dynamic.
  • 10:46 If his team had done well at the IPL event without him, would his career have ended?
  • 11:21 Returning to the team and finishing 3rd at MLG Summer.
  • 12:21 Always losing to Dignitas and never getting to play TSM.
  • 13:24 Describing that Dignitas team.
  • 14:23 Was he intimidated by the big named players early on?
  • 15:39 How could his team have so many top 4s yet not get a big organisation behind them?
  • 17:00 How could someone as good as WildTurtle not be on the radar of the big teams until TSM picked him up?
  • 18:33 At the end of 2012, which members of his line-ups would he have predicted would get into top teams?
  • 20:46 Why did the big 4 teams of NA S2 not recognise the talent in the lower teams?
  • 23:35 Top NA talent not getting a chance to prove themselves in the top teams.
  • 26:07 Did it feel as though it would be impossible to crack the top teams?
  • 28:47 Did LCS change the bottom four team's players?
  • 31:37 Was BloodWater 'godwater' already in GGU?
  • 33:23 How did GGU finish 2nd in the LCS Spring split?
  • 35:43 Was there any luck in that playoff run?
  • 37:23 Teams not coming to terms with losing in the LCS Spring playoffs.
  • 39:06 LCS Summer problems.
  • 42:50 How did Cloud9 go from the bottom to the top?
  • 43:56 How could meteos come out of nowhere?
  • 45:50 Cloud9's setup using meteos.
  • 47:13 Xmithie.
  • 49:15 Comparing himself to meteos and Xmithie.
  • 50:40 Is he at all jealous of getting leapfrogged by other junglers?
  • 52:00 Who is better out of Xmithie and meteos, for him?
  • 54:39 Snoopeh stacking up against the NA junglers.
  • 57:40 TheOddOne and Saintvicious in their primes and now.
  • 59:54 Saintivicious' style when he was at the top.
  • 1:01:30 Diamondprox.
  • 1:03:59 The synergy of Diamondprox and Alex Ich.
  • 1:06:03 The Korean jungler who plays the most like NintendudeX
  • 1:07:18 Aliens come to Earth, kill everyone on Coast and force NintendudeX to make a line-up of all NA players that can let NintendudeX be the best jungler and be on the best team in NA.
  • 1:09:45 Final words/Outro.