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'Reflections' with nRated

Episode 19 of 'Reflections' is an in-depth discussion with nRated about his off-season troubles, return to form and SK's LCS success.

Christoph 'nRated' Seitz, Support player of SK Gaming, is the star of the 19th episode of 'Reflections'.

Was nRated originally supposed to sub for Krepo when he was in EG? What were Alliance's problems earlier in the season? How did he go about replacing Nyph in the SK botlane? What has changed since he was in Fnatic?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:38 Intro
  • 00:44 Was it ever planned for nRated to sub in for Krepo in EG or even become a full-time member?
  • 02:02 What was his impact on the EG line-up as an analyst?
  • 03:21 Alliance's problems in LCS Spring.
  • 06:34 Shot-calling issues in Alliance and the other EG players being involved with that component.
  • 08:20 nRated's off season, trying out for different teams.
  • 10:38 Replacing Nyph in SK.
  • 12:23 Was there any synergy left-over from when he played with CandyPanda in Fnatic?
  • 13:28 Describing the style of CandyPanda and what he needs from a Support.
  • 14:47 How close is he to being the best European Support?
  • 16:31 Were there concerns his stock had dropped with his peers?
  • 18:37 The newer Supports in LCS EU.
  • 20:51 Is it harder to stand out as a Support now?
  • 23:49 What is the balance like now between the ADC and the Support?
  • 25:25 Does he watch LCS NA?
  • 25:45 BloodWater (XDG)
  • 26:42 LemonNation (C9)
  • 27:46 Xpecial (TSM)
  • 28:25 Final words/Outro.