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'Reflections' with pronax

Episode 21 of 'Reflections' talks in-game leadership in CS:GO with fnatic tactician pronax.

Markus 'pronax' Wallsten, CS:GO in-game leader of fnatic, is the star of the 21st episode of 'Reflections'.

How did pronax come to be an in-game leader? What teams did his 1.6 sides struggle against the most? What similarities does his CS:GO leadership share with his 1.6 style? Why are Titan a tough team for him to go head-to-head with? How does JW fit in the CS:GO world as a star?

Time line of topics discussed

  • 00:05 Intro
  • 00:20 The amount of tactics early in CS:GO.
  • 01:05 How was CS:GO different from 1.6 tactically in the early days?
  • 01:51 How he came to be an in-game leader.
  • 02:28 Making the final of Dreamhack Summer 2010.
  • 03:20 Beating fnatic with aggressive CT play, a hallmark of pronax teams.
  • 03:57 Having his star players taken over and over.
  • 04:56 Being replaced by THREAT in 2010.
  • 05:38 Comparing THREAT's style of in-game leadership to his.
  • 06:36 Xizt when he was in pronax's teams.
  • 07:15 kHRYSTAL
  • 07:50 ESC being made up of Norwegians and Swedes.
  • 08:48 MODDII
  • 09:32 In what sense was kalle better than MODDII?
  • 09:54 Players who played with pronax going on to become in-game leaders.
  • 10:42 Xizt as an in-game leader.
  • 11:12 MODDII as an in-game leader.
  • 11:45 The difficulty of beating elite teams in Bo3 series.
  • 12:55 Teams that he does the against and the teams he does the work against, in terms of his sides.
  • 13:34 Did he have set tactics to shutdown star players in 1.6?
  • 14:10 Why was the initial NiP so unbeatable?
  • 15:25 The early VeryGames style.
  • 15:49 kennyS and ScreaM in VeryGames and in other teams.
  • 16:55 Impact of shox joining VeryGames.
  • 17:20 Ex6tenZ as an in-game leader.
  • 17:58 pronax's teams vs. VeryGames.
  • 18:37 What did pronax change in fnatic?
  • 19:18 How did he swap roles around in fnatic?
  • 20:43 flusha taking on a GeT_RiGhT style recently.
  • 21:52 Should NiP have kept things the same, even when VeryGames started beating them?
  • 22:35 Difference between fifflaren as in-game leader and Xizt.
  • 23:13 Breaking down Titan vs. NiP.
  • 23:55 What do support players like fifflaren do?
  • 24:48 JW as a star.
  • 25:37 Aliens come to Earth, kill everyone else in fnatic and then make pronax pick other players to replace all of his current team-mates.
  • 26:40 Final words/Outro.