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'Reflections' with sOAZ

Episode 17 of 'Reflections' sees fnatic Top laner sOAZ discussing the tank top meta and his frustrations as a pro player.

Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer, Top laner of fnatic, is the star of the 17th episode of 'Reflections'.

What are the differences in playing tanks from S2 to S4? Can AP champions still be played top? What frustrations does sOAZ have with the tank top meta? How good was GoDlike (a.k.a. Ackerman) at Worlds? What does sOAZ think of Wickd's play and builds this LCS season?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:36 Intro
  • 00:40 How serious was he as a player in teams like aAa and Millenium?
  • 01:24 What did he like more about top lane in the past?
  • 01:53 Did he play tanks back in the day?
  • 02:27 Why tanks must be played top now.
  • 03:35 What was different about tank usage from S2 to S4?
  • 04:44 If you don't play a tank top then what do you have to do to make up for it?
  • 05:39 Picking APs as a skill match-up.
  • 06:17 How top lane fits sOAZ in terms of skill required.
  • 07:11 Dr Mundo and masteries affecting the tank meta.
  • 08:55 Nien getting beaten up by sOAZ at IEM Cologne.
  • 10:55 Wickd's reasoning for his Malphite build.
  • 12:00 Where does he see Wickd right now?
  • 13:21 zorozero
  • 14:05 Frustration of playing top lane.
  • 14:57 Should they buff ADC? What would he change to fix the tank problem?
  • 16:21 Thoughts on the Worlds series vs. Royal Club in terms of his individual performance.
  • 18:33 GoDlike (Royal)
  • 19:03 Playing Zac in three of the games.
  • 20:15 The effect of Royal club banning champions fnatic would have used to teleport.
  • 21:44 Wondering how fnatic could have done against SKT in the Worlds final.
  • 22:49 Is Impact the best top laner?
  • 24:14 Skills in top lane.
  • 25:38 Facing Korean Tops again.
  • 26:21 In one year will people still be playing only super tanks at top?
  • 26:56 Which role could sOAZ switch to?
  • 28:24 Which jungler would he be like?
  • 28:39 Final words/Outro.