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'Reflections' with Westrice

Episode 9 of 'Reflections' goes old school with Determined Gaming Top laner Westrice.

Jonathan 'Westrice' Nguyen, Top laner of Determined Gaming, is the star of the ninth episode of 'Reflections'.

What was the early NA scene like? How good was Doublelift back when they played together in Epik Gamer? What was his synergy with Saintvicious like in Curse? What are his thoughts on new school players like InnoX and Quas? How good was Quantic's Apple?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:07 Intro
  • 00:18 Size of the S1 NA pro scene.
  • 01:00 Early pros as solo q players.
  • 01:33 HotshotGG.
  • 02:18 Describing the champion pool for top back then.
  • 03:20 Doublelift back in their days in Epik Gamer.
  • 04:35 Was there much difference in Doublelift from before his time with Chauster and after?
  • 05:03 Why couldn't Epik be the best NA team?
  • 05:50 Why didn't Epik continue on?
  • 06:35 Dyrus when he played with them and after.
  • 07:30 Comparing Dyrus and Voyboy as top laners.
  • 08:40 The team style of play that works best for Westrice.
  • 09:28 Working with Saintvicious in Curse.
  • 10:36 What he needs from a jungler.
  • 11:55 Wickd's comment that you play top imagining there is no enemy jungler.
  • 13:08 Using a current pro player as a reference point for how Westrice played.
  • 14:10 Why don't other top and mid laners try swapping more, dependent on champion?
  • 15:24 Beating World Elite at IPL Face Off in the lower bracket.
  • 16:41 Summarising his time in Curse.
  • 17:29 Why he dropped off the map after Curse.
  • 18:38 Salce.
  • 19:18 His current situation.
  • 19:53 What he thought of EG from scrims and before facing them in the relegation series.
  • 21:08 InnoX.
  • 21:34 The Korean Quantic team.
  • 22:08 Quantic's Top laner Apple.
  • 22:40 Westrice's peak.
  • 23:18 Picking someone he didn't expect to be good he ended up being, then someone who is good but he didn't expect them to be.
  • 24:17 Differences in the regions of LoL.
  • 26:29 Has top lane changed with the arrival of the tank meta?
  • 27:32 The approach required to play tanks.
  • 28:16 Thoughts on Korean scene.
  • 29:10 Who is the best Top laner in NA?
  • 30:03 Hypothetical: if I had a gun to Westrice's head and he has to predict if Nientonsoh will be a world class top laner one year from now what would he say?
  • 31:23 Hypothetical: Westrice must pick a Top laner from history to play a game of LoL for the lives of his family.
  • 32:38 Final words/Outro.