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'Reflections' with YellOwStaR

Episode 6 of 'Reflections' is a discussion with FNATIC Support YellOwStaR.

Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim, Support player for FNATIC, is the star of the sixth episode of 'Reflections'.

How good was aAa during his time with them? What allowed Linak to be successful against Diamondprox? How did changing from ADC to Support change his perspective on the Support position? Was he ever worried about being cut during his time in FNATIC? Why did SKT think his team was trolling in Worlds scrims? What are his thoughts on Genja?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:07 Intro
  • 00:22 Remembering aAa.
  • 01:28 Were the NA teams the favourites for the S1 Championship?
  • 02:46 The hype that aAa were going to make the IEM final and beat M5.
  • 04:18 How did the top-jungler combo of aAa match-up with the NA top-jungler combos?
  • 05:50 Linak's approach to playing Diamondprox.
  • 07:01 aAa's disapponting IPL4 performance.
  • 11:17 French players having a reputation for raging.
  • 13:54 Thoughts on his career in aAa.
  • 15:16 YellowStar's role in SK.
  • 17:33 The ideal setup for a team with shot-calling.
  • 19:01 Comparing Linak, Araneae and Cyanide.
  • 21:20 Could he shot-call from ADC now?
  • 22:44 Did YellowStar ever think of himself as one of the best ADCs in the world?
  • 24:29 When he joined fnatic did he think that eventually they would replace him with Rekkles?
  • 27:30 The story behind removing nRated.
  • 29:43 Was he on trial as a Support for Worlds?
  • 31:46 Did he have a natural aptitude for Support?
  • 34:09 What changed in YellowStar's Support by Worlds?
  • 37:04 His Leona play.
  • 38:17 Picks in the semi-final against Royal.
  • 40:58 sOAZ playing Zac so many games against Royal.
  • 43:03 Thoughts on Uzi.
  • 44:31 How would fnatic have done vs. SKT if they'd made the final?
  • 45:47 Thoughts on Gambit's botlane from the perspective of both the ADC and Support.
  • 48:21 Genja's builds
  • 49:53 Is Genja unique in his build paths?
  • 51:02 Genja's champions.
  • 54:31 Playing Doublelift at IEM Cologne.
  • 56:35 Korean Supports who play like YellowStar.
  • 57:36 Korean players compared to other regions.
  • 58:44 In one year could YellowStar be the best Support in the world? Does he have to be?
  • 1:00:03 Aliens come to Earth, kill everyone in fnatic except YellowStar and force him to create a fnatic equivalent line-up out of Koreans.
  • 1:03:27 Final words/Outro.