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Royal Club's former support player Tabe discusses retiring with onGamers

Pak Kan Wong, a month into his retirement, sits down with onGamers to look both back and forward.

Pak Kan Wong, otherwise known as Tabe, is one of China's most prolific League of Legends players. Tabe captained his team, Royal Club Huang Zu, to a second place finish at the third season World Championships of Riot's LCS competition. Lead by Tabe, Royal Club showed the world just what Chinese LoL was capable of as they defeated their fellow countrymen in OMG and Europe's best, Fnatic. Eventually the Chinese heroes would fall to SKT1 in the grand finals.

This would mark the final competition for Tabe as he was set to retire as soon as World's was complete. Finishing his career at an all time high, his team would be recognized as the second best in the world. We caught up with Tabe to speak to him about his retirement and touch up on his career and future.

Hi Tabe, how are you? What have you been doing since you retired?

Hi. I am very good. I have been doing my mandarin commentary videos and streaming on Chinese software YY everyday and also doing some commercial activities related to League of legends and trying to earn more money to marry my girlfriend.

So let's talk about what made you decided to retire - what was your thought process leading up to making the final decision of ending your professional playing career?

Because I can earn more money if I do commentary.

Do you feel like you are retiring a bit early? LoL and eSports in general seem to be gaining steam month by month, was your decision a bit premature?

Different countries may have different e-sports backgrounds and history in my own opinion, China's esports scene sucks balls, that's why I decided to retire. I have 3 years of pro-gaming experience and I'm currently making 10 times that money.

You make 10 times what you made as a pro-gamer, doing commentary?

Yes, doing commentary.

You retired once in the past but returned at the request of one of your friends, is there any chance or circumstance that would encourage you to come back and play professionally?

No, I'm enjoying my life now.

You weren't as a professional gamer?

No because there was a lot of dissatisfaction for me of L-ACE, for example not letting me have my own shop.


I'm running three shops now, it's very good.

What do your shops sell, etc?

Gaming gear, men's clothing, and snacks.

I would like to talk to you a bit about your career and what you have accomplished up until now. In your opinion, what was your biggest personal accomplishment in your eSports career?

Of course, the S3 second place.

What about it was so special to you?

It of course is the greatest honour of my entire career and because I always love to go to Riot headquarters and also America. Last thing is because the prize pool and recognition of the event is huge.

You had a relatively short career considering the amount of teams you have been a part of - what influenced all of the team changes over the past two and a half years?

Because I always argue with the team's boss and was always unhappy. and because I was dissatisfied with the environment, salary and so on. But Royal is the best team I have ever joined.

You originally played ADC when you first began to play competitively for iG, but later changed to Support - what influenced this transition? What was the learning process during the transition like? Which has been your favourite to play competitively?

I guess support and mid are my favourite. I quit playing ADC because I found that I'm not an expert at ADC and I found that in order to win a game, maybe making the correct calls is the most important factor. So I switched to support and started to learn to be a commander of the team.

What will you miss most about being a professional gamer on a competitive team?

Of course the competitions, they're always a lot of fun to play in, enjoying the crowd. Maybe I miss most is the chance to visit Riot again, I love to practice my English.

What do you love about going to Riot so much?

Because the people are very nice to me and I love to talk with them too and Riot is the creator of League so I love Riot.

What do you plan to do in the immediate future? Long term?

Keep on doing commentaries and see what happens in the future.

What has your family's reaction been to your career and now your retirement?

They fully support me.

Do you have any comments to your fans and friends who will read this interview?

I love them all and I hope one day I can visit America again.

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