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'Summoning Insight' Episode 5 VOD: LCS NA and EU playoffs (with special guest Froggen)

Alliance's Mid laner Froggen joins MonteCristo and Thorin for Episode 5 of 'Summoning Insight' to discuss the LCS playoff results.

Episode 5 of 'Summoning Insight', a League of Legends talk show hosted by Duncan 'Thorin' Shields and Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles, discussed the outcomes of the LCS NA and EU playoffs. This episode featured special guest Henrik 'Froggen' Hansen, Mid laner of Alliance.

Time line of topics discussed:

00:00 Intro

01:00 Alliance's playoff run

09:00 The problems of Alliance early on in the split

18:55 Alliance shot-calling

23:23 Shook's impact on Alliance wins and losses.

26:40 Alliance's lack of an analyst

28:50 Froggen individually vs. fnatic

32:45 Alex Ich's comments about this patch being more like S2

36:53 Froggen's impact after S2 and thoughts on respecting OPs

46:10 CLG.EU vs. Koreans in S2.

51:06 nRated not being picked up by the superteam.

1:00:40 kev1n vs. Wickd

1:08:52 Junglers in EU, Shook's position amongst them.

1:13:05 Jesiz in SK and the topic of incarnati0n

1:17:41 Bjergsen

1:28:25 Comparing Link, Hai and Bjergsen

1:35:33 Froggen's opinion that Karthus should beat Nidalee 1v1 Mid

1:37:05 Froggen's thoughts on Faker and matching up Froggen vs. Faker.

1:41:10 Bjergsen vs. Faker

1:47:09 Shiphtur

1:54:00 MonteCristo thinking the top three NA teams are better than the top three EU teams.

2:08:00 Faker without Bengi being really good.

2:11:41 Does C9 have a ceiling, due to their individual skills?

2:20:00 Alliance and Western teams needing coaching.

2:24:30 Alliance's way of dealing with bad losses.

2:28:40 EU and NA Promotion series.

2:30:07 NA not having a lot of talent outside of LCS.

2:31:57 Alex Ich this split.

2:37:00 Diamond this split.

2:39:00 TSM or CLG would have a better chance internationally than C9, true or false?

2:41:00 Discussion about Nien and criticism of him.

2:52:12 Would an NA team ever recruit a fully Korean player or could a Korean team use a foreign star like Froggen?

2:56:50 Whether Western teams will ever use a proper system of subs.

3:01:08 Ozone vs. SKT and whether this is the end of SKT being on top.

3:07:50 Final words.