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Summoning Insight Episode 9 VOD, with special guest mithy: EU and NA roster moves, OGN results

Join Montecristo and Thorin as they discuss the recent NA and EU transfers, as well as the OGN results, with NiP's mithy.

Episode 9 of 'Summoning Insight', a League of Legends talk show hosted by Duncan 'Thorin' Shields and Christopher 'MonteCristo' Mykles, featured special guest Alfonso 'mithy' Aguirre Rodriguez, former Support of Lemondogs and currently of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The big topics were more EU and NA transfers and the OGN results.

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:06 Intro
  • 01:25 Coast acquiring Santorin
  • 05:40 Curse making a team with Saintvicious, mancloud and Bunnyfufu
  • 08:14 NA teams getting Koreans and more international players
  • 09:35 MaKNooN coaching a Brazilian team.
  • 13:45 Chaox's involvement with the Curse Academy team
  • 16:25 Copenhagen Wolves picking up Woolite and Airwaks
  • 20:43 The concept of teams or players "Stepping up their game"
  • 29:43 mithy in Lemondogs
  • 31:00 Wewillfailer joining SHC
  • 32:40 MrRalleZ
  • 35:00 Predicting who will be the worst teams in EU
  • 36:05 Gambit in LCS Summer
  • 42:05 CLG added Seraph
  • 55:20 Amazing joining TSM
  • 1:00:30 The new NiP
  • 1:01:20 Junglers holding the previous NiP line-ups back
  • 1:08:25 NiP getting an analyst
  • 1:12:35 Analysts and expectations of them
  • 1:25:54 Korea having filters to prevent guys with bad attitudes or mechanics reaching the top.
  • 1:29:55 incarnati0n and other solo q stars in EU LCS
  • 1:33:39 How would the previous NiP line-up have done in NA LCS?
  • 1:35:28 The Promotion structure
  • 1:49:50 Jatt's comment that he is sick of pro gamers complaining about having to practice a new patch before playoffs.
  • 1:51:45 The Phreak fallacy
  • 1:54:17 Jatt as a pro
  • 1:56:30 Kobe's pro status
  • 1:59:00 Analysts not needing to play the game
  • 2:02:00 Positional coaching in the future
  • 2:08:35 OGN 3rd place game: Blaze vs. Ozone
  • 2:33:15 Where do Blaze and Frost go from here?
  • 2:37:24 The Jatt dilemma
  • 2:41:20 The dynamic of dominant teams rising up and falling
  • 2:44:40 Mata's position in the world as a Support
  • 2:49:00 OGN Masters
  • 2:52:18 The Frost paradox
  • 3:00:00 Best Western Support
  • 3:03:15 Final words

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