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Team Coast Owner confirms team will continue, new roster to be unveiled in the next week

Team Coast owner David Slan confirms the team will continue, with a new roster to be announced in the next week.

Last week Team Dignitas announced the signing of Team Coast players Danny 'Shiphtur' Le and Darshan 'ZionSpartan' Upadhyahan to the team's starting line-up. While Team Coast transferred two of its most promising players, owner David Slan confirms to onGamers that a new line-up will be presented soon.

"We will be announcing our roster in the next week, and believe it will be the best line-up in the Challenger Series," said Slan.

"We aren't going anywhere. The changes we have made were in the best interests of the team and the players. Coast will be a stronger team after these changes. We are already guaranteed the #1 seed in the quarterfinals of the Challenger Series 1, and look forward to reclaiming our spot in the LCS."

When asked about the status of jungler Joshua 'NintenDudeX' Atkins, ADC Apollo 'WizFujiiN' Price, and support Miles 'Daydreamin' Hoard, Slan stated that NintendudeX, Daydreamin and WizFujiiN are all still under contract through October 20.

"When our new line-up comes out, it will be clear how we plan to move forward".

Slan looks no further than Cloud 9 in building a championship team, which emphasizes more on the team as a whole than individual players.

"The key to winning in the LCS now is not just the talent of individual players," said Slan. "It is the ability of the players to work together as a team. Look at Cloud 9. Far and away the best team NA, and have been since they walked into the LCS. Would you say that any of C9's players are the most mechanically talented players in the league? Arguably, no. That is the type of team we will build at Coast; dedicated, team oriented players who will play the game at the highest level."

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Posted by inquirex

With the money they acquired from Dig, I can see them importing someone like Nukeduck over to NA, being the shot caller, and trying to build a team around him, with emphasis on map movements.

Posted by boobjob

nukeduck was in the challenger scene so long because of his and his team's ego that he doesnt care anymore

Edited by blaisem

The way Daydreamin talked after being relegated, I would seriously question his dedication to being a pro.

Nintendude looked absolutely helpless in their relegation match. I hope it was just a bad series for him.

As important as teamwork is, I would be going for mechanically talented players who are open to coaching. Then I'd get an analyst to coach them on how to play as a team. NA is going to evolve by next year into a region with C9-level strategy or near it, and if you don't prioritize drafting mechanically talented players now, by the time they mature into that scene, they won't be able to stand out at all. You'll still be at the bottom.

The top team in one year is going to be at C9's current macro level, but have TSM's current mechanics, and probably a little better than this.