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TheSlaSH: "[ocelote's income] numbers don't add up [...] the money is not there"

SK Gaming Managing Director TheSlaSH says ocelote's claim of making 600,000 Euros per year doesn't add up.

In a teaser video for a forthcoming 'Reflections' episode, Alexander 'TheSlaSH' Müller, SK Gaming Managing Director, says that former player Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago's claims of making 600,000 Euros per year, largely from merchandising, "don't add up to what he refers to what he made from last year". Going through each item of the Spaniard's merchandising and other potential income sources, the SK boss explains that he doesn't see where the money could come from.

The former SK Gaming star made the statement as part of an interview with the technology section of Spanish site, stating that he made between 600,000 and 700,000 Euros per year.

"I do not know if I should say. Well, but do me a favor and put it in a way that does not seem arrogant, because it really is that I'm not ... because only the average income merchandising million USD per year easy. That's like 70% of the total, because of this I have to add my salary, which won in tournaments, streaming my games and I get personal sponsors. In total I earn between 600,000 and 700,000 annually. But now is the time to save and help the family,"

-ocelote, speaking to about his yearly income (translated from Spanish)

ocelote's former employer, TheSlaSH, explained that he had access to the numbers for ocelote's merchandising efforts and that the numbers "were not there":

"If you look at his shop and you look at his merchandise, what we have is: a scarf, a mousepad, the keykaps, the shoes.


Those four products, we produced them for him, we set him up with those and they all run, still today, on the SK Amazon shop, so we know all the numbers, so these numbers don't add up to what he refers to what he made from last year. The money from Riot, we all know that doesn't add up either. The money from SK, I have an imagination that it doesn't add up as well. I have a feeling for his streaming success... I don't see the money coming from that end.

Then he had a couple of personal sponsorships, appearances, what so ever, where I think he made some money. But, then again, digibet, I knew the deal back in the days, I don't see any of these other sponsorships or appearances he had bringing 500,000 for one appearance to the table. So, I have no clue, I can't tell you, it doesn't add up in my head either and I was responsible for a lot of what happened there with these numbers. I was just as astonished as you were, I was trying to do the math... it's not there, the money is not there. It's that simple."

-Alexander 'TheSlaSH' Müller, SK Gaming Managing Director, in a forthcoming episode of 'Reflections'.

Posted by LoLYamazuya

Is that the kind of discretion one can expect from SK? And how is this actually news? I see neither the need on his side to talk about this nor the need to publicise it.

Posted by KarlMoney

this ocelote kid is a shady poser. Let's get that attention craving kid exposed.

Posted by mezzy

classy as always sk :)

why should someone ever believe in 700.000 when the best players of sk t1 got not even this amount. but tbh - i wish really good gamers would have the change to earn that much - its lot of work and time spend to be as good as they are so they should earn some money to get back to school after their career.

Posted by byo7

There is actually a need to know at least ballpark estimates for how much people are making. Other players should have an idea of what their competition is making so they can negotiate deals that are fair for them, if they have no idea what they are worth then someone could be signed to a very bad deal. The real issue of someone claiming they made an outrageous amount could be that he is misleading younger players in thinking there is a lot more money to be made by trying to play this game than there really is. The reality is that despite the growth in eSports kids should really not be encouraged to try and make it a job, there is still not a lot of money in it, and the 'career' does not have nearly long enough to earn enough for retirement if you skip college to go pro.

Posted by bmxjaybird

Ocelote is no longer with SK, so there is no reason for him to be discreet on any information, and 2nd off, no need to publicize what? It was already publicized when he did the interview, he is just calling him out on the inflated numbers. As well as, this isnt news...this is a teaser video to a long interview, please read stuff.

Edited by VexaraX

His response was fine he didn't use actual numbers he simply stated that the numbers do not add up with the information he has, which confirmed public information that the interviewer used himself.

Ocelote might have made more deals and is getting paid for them, he could be simply stating he generated 600k in euros with out factoring in the cost of goods, etc. Why does it matter?

What matters is he created a personality that appeals to a lot of people, great for him. He could not win or lead his team in anything playing in LCS. In the end winning is what counts, and SK gave him many chances to lead the group to victory, he fell behind the meta, then fell even farther behind, and the entire game has passed him by to from watching it.

He had one good champ which was nerfed after that he was never the same, once the burst mages were nerfed, and meta shifted he never carried that hard again with any regularity. He has had some great games here and there, but not enough to even keep the team in LCS.

I knew over 2 years ago that SK would fire him because he is a hot headed pretty boy who hadn't grown up yet enough to see his flaws and or be able to correct them in time. They made the right move, and he is trying to do the right thing by creating his own label, in a few years he will be mature enough to adjust how he thinks about things and probably end up being a Spanish speaking shout caster / coach / owner of a team. He is good for the sport, I wish him all the best!