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Tonight: ZionSpartan Joins Thorin & MonteCristo on Summoning Insight Ep. Eleven

Team Dignitas's top laner will bring his LoL knowledge to the next episode of Summoning Insight.

Darshan 'ZionSpartan' Upadhyaha will bring his wealth of professional League of Legends experience and insight to 'Summoning Insight' episode eleven on on Monday at 8pm PDT/11pm EDT. Be sure to catch the episode live on Catch episode ten below - featuring Thorin, MonteCristo and Locodoco!

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8 pm PDT = 5 AM CET?

Posted by zoozoo

Yo Loco, cussing some is ok, and does help to get some points across, but you gotta grow up sometime. The excessive cussing makes you look like you are trying too hard.

Edited by blaisem

I found this episode really underwhelming. Zion is either not good at expressing himself or really just doesn't have much of a clue (or maybe he just doesn't want to say for PR). To be fair, it also felt like his knowledge wasn't probed well by Thorin. I don't think he even asked about Curse XPecial's roster change.

He also could have gone a lot more in-depth on top laners because Zion is probably going to be one of the best top laners to interview on this, since LMQ and CLG top laners can't even speak English, and Balls is actually probably even worse in an interview than Zion. Dyrus would be an improvement with his understanding of the game imo, but his problem is that he isn't forthcoming when he talks. Really surprised Thorin didn't ask this since he is usually keen on ranking people DBZ style.

Add to the fact it was pretty short, and this was the worst episode I've seen out of the past 5 SI's. I know there may have been less material, but come on, what about at least a mention of EU? What about Mithy and Nukeduck and the future of NiP? And Korea roster changes?es?

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the fact that these guys can put on a show for the scene like this is amazing. I wish i had the type of pull these guys have

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Sorry guys but this was the worst episode of all 10, I knew Zion would suck going in after seeing him interviewed on LCS and just in general he isn't entertaining. The episode was short, contained none of the latest info on NIP, or even really talked about the NA LCS in any detail that made it worth listening too or watching.

I don't need another Loco episode for a while either, the show isn't even functioning last couple of episodes delayed, lag. Poor quality. As a big fan that watches / listens to these episodes 3-10x during LoL matches I hope to see the turn in the right direction next time. If you are stuck getting a guest like Zion then just dont have a guest.

Posted by ngator

when will vod be up?

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That's kind've rude, seeing as Zion is an experienced top who has been in the scene for a while. He certainly appeared to be nervous, but whatever. The fact of the matter is that Thorin asked him to be on the show and he accepted, they didn't get "stuck" with anyone.

Posted by blaisem

Except he didn't go in depth at all on top lane with Zion