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Travis and Doublelift vs the World: Episode 1

onGamers' own Travis teams up with Peter 'Doublelift' Peng, one of the most popular League of Legends players in North America, to take on the world.

onGamers' own Travis Gafford teams up with Peter 'Doublelift' Peng, one of the most popular League of Legends players in North America, as they take on the world. The 6-8 minute show will focus on the pair as they deal with real world scenario's during the off season. Many, for instance, have requested that Travis film his planned driving lessons with Doublelift and one of those lessons has already made it in as an episode.

While we have more serious content in the pipeline, we wanted to get started with a smaller and less production heavy show sooner rather than later, Travis and Doublelift vs the World is a direct response to audience feedback during our weekly Doublelift interviews over the course of the LCS 2013.

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Edited by Haethos

we love you travis. this is the best bromance NA

Posted by boredisme93

Wasn't quite sure what to expect. Although i was not disappointed at all. 10 feet, sooo scary.

Posted by BestBromanceNA

Travis i just made an account to talk to you, udabes <3 this is a pretty rad show. Much more looking forward to this rather than TSM DramaHouse Season 2

Edited by Spud

Hey Travis, hope you remember me from SoTL days.

This mini show was really good. Just seven minutes of light-hearted fun. Keep it up!

Posted by lolsnuwfer

I really enjoyed watching episode 1! I demand longer episodes!!! :)

Posted by Kenral

Hey Travis, any idea when we can get mobile access to onGamers videos? The mobile formatting for the site looks great but I can't view the videos on my Galaxy S4

Posted by citeltha

Are you guys gonna visit Michigan, pretty please?

Posted by UNCrulez

Wow this was epic, well done good sir.

Posted by Mizzle4192

I liked the show. We have a Tim Hortons in the U.S. I am looking at one right across the street, their donuts suck compared to Sweetwaters here in Michigan.

Posted by k1id

This was so much fun to see!

Edited by vonpuffels

Great video Travis! I am currently applying to universities and being a big fan of esports, doublelift and state of the league, this is the best way to find out more about universities that I could ever hope for. Keep up the great work!

Posted by Varega

Really fun, TY Travis and Doublelift.

Posted by Woodzys

Doublelift is going to be so scared when he finally reaches the top <- shots fired

Posted by mancer21

I realy like the idea, but how often will ya make new episode?

Edited by Zorine

I laughed so much watching this, great work to all involved. Travis and Peter r 2qute together.

Posted by Doorselfin

Love the person casually doing sweet tightrope tricks in the background while DoubleLift fails.

Posted by bandducky511

This is amazing! I love the content Travis makes!

Posted by KageAlex9

that was awesome

Posted by Onymous

So Doublelift is basically a cat. Climbs high places then can't get down. Thinks he is great and everyone else is trash. Wants to eat your food then doesn't really like it.

Edited by craftyxcrafty

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Please for the love of god, make and upload a video a day. I would literally sell my soul for that to be possible.

Posted by Rikjee

Really fun to watch keep it up :D

Posted by MuTayOh

This is so amazing and hilarious! The music is really cool too, who made it?

Edited by Hentai_Pornstar

You guys did a good job, Travis. It's quirky and funny and shows off your guys' personalities and senses of humor. Definitely fun to watch. I wish it was longer though!

Edited by U_Emilio_Hashmalek

travis, excellent show, totally liked it, I would like more than 7 mins, but hey, you cant allways get what you want

Posted by Leoislegend

Doublelift channeling his inner Ocelote... well prepared for Canada with that scarf!

Posted by hebble

@kenral Hey, I don't have a S4, but I can watch the videos on my android phone. Do you have kitkat installed?

Edited by Bearman

I need more! Travis please <3

Posted by codyconners

@doorselfin your avatar is freaking me the fuck out, man.

Posted by Malkintosh

Seriously regretting my choice of campus right now!

Posted by Haethos

doublelift is a giant pussy. that fall was like all of 4 ft >_>

<3 me some peterpeng tho :D

Edited by Yossarian

If I may ask, what was the music that was used from 3:08-4:02 while Travis and Double were in the women's bathroom called?

Edit: I probably should have remembered to give feedback. This was great, and I'm hoping to see more of the antics of these two, as well as the style and uplifting nature that these videos seem to convey of Travis and Double's strong friendship. Keep 'em coming!

Edited by penguinrawker

Perfect length and really funny. Keep it up. I wouldn't change a thing. 10/10 will continue watching.

Posted by sophiekachu

Oh man, I'm planning on attending UBC next year... Can you guys pretty pretty please visit again c:

Posted by ImaBearrr

I had no clue that this came out already! I thought it was awesome and really enjoyed it. I'm really excited to see more.

Posted by jaron95

"Who told me to go up there?!" Typical AD carry getting caught out and blaming his team! ;)

This was a fun video, good job guys.

Posted by Taylor

I hadn't realized up to now how funny doublelift is. Thanks for these short insights!

Posted by anchovy619

Oh man i love this episode. I'm not even the type of guy who watches esports player stuff