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Travis and Doublelift vs the World: Episode 2

Travis and Doublelift meet with esports fans at the University of British Columbia where they answer questions about League of Legends, Asian honey, becoming a pro gamer, and more.

If you missed it, check out Episode 1 where Travis and Doublelift tour UBC. There's a paralyzing fear of heights, women's restrooms and a magical moment featuring a Tim Horton's donut.

The greatest bromance in esports continues this week as Travis and Doublelift attend the UBC fan meet up.

Make sure to check back in next week as the saga continues.

Posted by hebble

OMG - Doubelift is only 20. I am so old...

Posted by UNCrulez

Wow this is really awesome, thanks for putting this all together.

Posted by EffigyLoL

Lol Doublelift is so entertaining to watch (:

Travis please bring Doublelift to SJSU!

Posted by zinx

this is hilarious lol

Edited by k1id

This show is so funny

Posted by U_Emilio_Hashmalek

Damn travis u did it again, love the first 2 episodes im totally watching the whole series (and btw next season if you can come to Mexico, I would be very happy)