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Twitch expands infrastructure to Paris, France

Following on from four point of presence updates and the addition of Prague in just over 3 months, Twitch has announced a brand new point of presence in Paris, France.

Last year Twitch released a service update to address the expansion of Twitch in Europe in order to handle the ever increasing EU capacity and help deliver a high quality service. Since this service update, Twitch has gone on to launch their new video system which has helped to address overall stability across the network.

In addition to these upgrades, the point of presence (POP) in Amsterdam and London were carried out, increasing their capacity by 200% and a new POP was also launched in Prague at the end of last year.

These upgrades have not been limited to just Europe, with Dallas receiving a 300% capacity upgrade and Los Angeles receiving roughly a 400% capacity upgrade.

Later today Twitch will be announcing their newest infrastructure addition in Paris, France. They are working on delivering their promise to bring more capacity to Europe with their new Paris point of presence, following on from their four POP updates and the addition of Prague in just over 3 months.

Stuart Saw, the Regional Director for Twitch told us that:

“As the only live video platform catering solely to the entire video game ecosystem, it’s important that our community has a seamless broadcasting and spectating experience”, said Stuart Saw, Regional Director, EMEA, Twitch. “With a new point of presence in Paris, it is definitely going to improve the Twitch experience for our friends in France. Because streaming is an international phenomenon being driven by Twitch, we are laser focused on rolling out similar infrastructure expansions and upgrades in other popular broadcasting hubs, as well.”

Twitch has declined comment to onGamers regarding further details or a roadmap to future plans in the European infrastructure. A Twitch representative did provide the following statement:

"We're currently not publicizing some of the specifics/roadmap info you requested. The addition of Paris will of course help to better serve France, but will also benefit surrounding areas whose ISPs have their topology designed around France as a communications hub. Europe as a whole will benefit as this adds more overall capacity to the EU region."