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WCG reports 155,000 spectators visited the Grand Finals in Kunshan

The World Cyber Games is reporting that there was a total of 155,000 spectators on-site for the 2013 Grand Finals in Kunshan, China.

Trophy made for the last WC3 tournament at WCG.

The World Cyber Games has released a press release stating that 155,000 spectators showed up for the Grand Finals in Kunshan, China, joining 400 journalists from 30 countries including China's major broadcasting station CCTV (China Central Television). WCG also reports that "many high officials" of the Chinese government came to the event and showed their interest in esports. Last year WCG reported there were 110,000 spectators at the 2012 Grand Finals, also in Kunshan.

WCG says the final WarCraft 3 match between legends Jang "Moon" Jae Ho from Korea and Huang "TH000" Xiang from China - as this is the last year for WC3 at WCG - was the most packed match during the weekend, filling up the 12,000 sqm hall. Huang's victory over Jang awarded him a special WarCraft 3 trophy made for the event.

This year's WCG finals event featured StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, WarCraft 3, FIFA 14, and World of Tanks. South Korea took first place in both SC2 and LoL.

Image Credit: Kim A Phan - Twitter