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Welcome to the onGamers beta

A new esports brand joins GameSpot, Giant Bomb, GameFAQs and the rest of the CBS Interactive family.

Hey you, beta tester, thank you. We know you didn’t really sign up for this, but we still wanted to thank you for engaging and participating in this beta test, exclusively made available to anyone with an Internet browser. We’ll spend the next few months building new functionality and more shiny clickable things, but we wanted to get started with editorial coverage sooner than that.

At the core of any great editorial team are people with a passion and love for a certain topic -- and for onGamers, this is esports. No matter what you call it -- eSports, pro gaming, competitive gaming, professional gaming, electronic sports, cybersport (eww) -- this is a young industry that still doesn’t have a particularly official name. We will simply call it esports.

At onGamers, we will inform, educate and entertain anyone who shares our passion for esports -- the tournaments, the players, the competition, the personalities, the games, the community, the events, the dedication and everything in-between.

I am incredibly proud to present our new editorial team:

  • Cody ‘evoli’ Conners, Managing Editor
  • Matt ‘Cyborgmatt’ Bailey, Senior eSports Editor
  • Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, Senior eSports Editor
  • Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields, Senior eSports Content Creator
  • Travis Gafford, Senior eSports Content Creator

  • Amelia 'Sunset' Savery, Contributing Writer
  • Chris 'keekerdc' Schetter, Contributing Writer
  • Cameron 'famystron' Carson, Contributing Writer
  • Aaron 'Spit-wad' Stern, Contributing Writer
  • Rhea 'Ashelia' Monique, Contributing Writer
  • Chris Bizell, Contributing Writer
  • Ambrielle 'KatanaMordecai' Army, Contributing Writer
  • Cassandra Khaw, Contributing Writer
  • Gene Angel, Contributing Writer
  • Darin Kwilinski, Contributing Writer
  • Irena 'Curlychan' Pencheva, Contributing Writer
    Trent 'onlywonderboy' Stephens, Contributing Writer
  • RJ Cubarrubia, Contributing Writer
  • Brandon 'Atrioc' Ewing, Contributing Writer
  • Justin Cady, Contributing Writer
  • Taylor Cocke, Contributing Writer
  • Pieter 'Shark3D' Cortebeeck, Contributing Writer
  • Andrew Groen, Contributing Writer

Our staff have wide ranging experiences in esports and the gaming industry, whether it’s running world-class teams, building communities, creating leading editorial content, sponsoring tier 1 teams, designing hardware, organizing tournaments and leagues...and more.

Photo: Helena Kristiansson,

Between us, we have covered almost every job and position in esports, and this experience will help us as we build onGamers to become a source for esports content you can trust and rely on. We're incredibly excited to get started.

You can follow us on twitter or report bugs to /r/ongamers.

GLHF. And thank you for beta testing,

Kim Rom

Editor-in-Chief for onGamers

VP of esports for CBS Interactive

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Posted by rom

It's on! ;-)

Posted by bcarr

Plenty of good writers on that list! Looking forward to what gets published!

Posted by codyconners

Excited to get to work. Now to BlizzCon.

Edited by Alex

That's a pretty kick-ass team, I can't wait to see where this goes!

Posted by Maelk


Edited by Karsh

Looks great so far!

Any plans for RSS feeds?

Posted by FauxBen

This is a truly horrifying amount of eSports knowledge and expertise gathered in one place, and I am super thrilled to have this site to use as a central hub for eSports news from now on. Looking forward to the future of this place, and to me being wrong in the comments a lot.

Posted by busbarn

Couldn't have picked a worse name for the site. I still wish you the best of luck with the site.

Posted by FLeK0

Great to have a unified esports news source. GL to the team!

Posted by Ashelia

This is super exciting stuff.

Edited by Ian

Nice to have another option for epsort news! Also stoked to have gotten my first name as a username :D

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Now Cyborgmatt can be paid for Daily Dota instead of being used by Brad for profit.

Posted by AthenaTwin

Love it! :D

Posted by Ramkvist

Back where you started, ish. Good luck :)

Posted by fams

Finally : )

Edited by Silan

This has a lot of potential, really looking forward to seeing this evolve.

I can tell that its the GS esport crew who will be running the show, but how exactly is a site like GiantBomb tied into this? Are we going to see Brad write TI4 field reports, or Patrick weigh in on the latest eDrama? As far as i can tell, it just looks like its the same web-foundation :).

Posted by hebble

There will be some overlap I'm sure, but we don't have any formal content-sharing plans yet. We're definitely figuring it out, but really excited about the potential synergy.

You're correct that this is the same platform, which is great! We have a ton of built in features to take advantage of that we'll be rolling out over time.

Posted by jeff

Best wishes to everyone.

Posted by codyconners

@hebble: If I'm not part of the Daily Dota team by Monday I'm never going to forgive you or Matt.

Edited by Hammertime

Go go Evoli!!!

Posted by dz

Awesome work Cody and Rod! The new site looks great.

Also nice flourishes on the nav bar!

Posted by DDevil

I like where this is going.

Posted by Tumba

Good Luck!! Site looks great!!! <3 gogo EVOLI!

Posted by FishStix

Cool beans

Posted by Tasteless

Sick City!!!! Good luck, love the site!!!

Posted by alberto

good luck :)

Edited by stylyy

In regards to the RSS feed, this will be coming soon to the site. Hope you all are enjoying this site!

Posted by SHiGUY


Posted by I_like_yellow

Really excited to see where this goes, should be great looking at the quality of the staff on board.

Posted by eagle

The site needs a lot of work indeed but the crew is very good. My expectations are high!

Posted by Sunset


Posted by Skim

Site looks great, expecting great content as well!

Posted by MuTayOh

The rise of esports is coming!