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XDG Management: Bloodwater is retiring; no solidified roster yet

XDG manager Julian Collins clarifies XDG roster situation

Update 6.04 PM PST: XDG Owner Marshall Alexander has informed onGamers that he will be providing us a full statement regarding the team's situation shortly.

Following a report that XDG support player Lyubomir "Bloodwater" Spasov would move to the bench, with current jungler Christopher "Zuna" Buechter replacing him and current sub Nicholas "Nickwu" Wu Smith taking the jungler position, onGamers reached out to XDG management for further information. Bloodwater will not become a sub, but will instead be retiring.

We're not benching Bloodwater, hes retiring. School and his personal life were taking up a lot of his time and he wasn't able to dedicate as much to the game as last year. We haven't solidified a roster yet.

- XDG Manager Julian Collins

When asked for further clarification on the information in the report, Collins added:

Some of the stuff in the article is completely untrue, we had planned to go public with the news before this weekend, Nick isn't in uncharted territory, hes been jungling the challenger scene for the past few months.

Bloodwater will not be playing in the LCS this weekend. Instead, Nickwu will be playing in what has been strictly described as a "tryout."

Posted by Taobender

Here's an Idea...put Xmithie back in Jungle, sign Don'tMashme as ADC, beg Bloodwater to comeback, and bench Zuna, make him an assistant coach or analyst

Posted by Ajido

That'll never happen. XDG is doomed to fail because of nepotism. Zuna's brother is the coach for the team and won't get benched. He's going to have to quit on his own for the team to ever improve.

Edited by P0ckets

Do what's best for your team and organization and bench your brother for heaven sakes. You are going to throw away your career and your team's career, Kenma. Moving one of the best NA junglers to ADC didn't work and it is time to switch back and find a new ADC. You can see how the removal of Xmithie as jungler has hurt the team's synergy and is most evident when one looks at the synergy between Zuna and Mancloud. Mancloud and Xmithie needed and fed off each other to pull off a lot of what Vulcan did so well last year. I mean with the current mid focused meta this only has been a detriment to them team and even now the return of Xmithie to jungle might be too late.

Posted by Tensakai

y not do this

Zuna -> back to ADC( he wasnt bad)

Xmithie -> back to jungle (him+mancloud=op)

hire nydusherman or some decent support

Posted by ItsR

XDG was such a solid team in season 3. I really enjoyed watching their games and the ups and downs. But I really don't understand what the team is doing this season. Put Xmithie back in jungle. Have Zuna sub or do something else for the team. XDG would be so strong that way. But from what I've been reading that just won't happen. Sad to see a team go down the drain with one obvious huge flaw that can easily be fixed.

Posted by Yuno

Zuna AD wasn't even bad. Good luck and god bless, I hope the changes you made are for the best.