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Zorozero not joining CLG, will take a break for studies

After parting ways earlier today with Ninjas in Pyjamas, Morten 'Zorozero' Rosenquist confirms he will be taking a break from professional League of Legends.

Zorozero and NiP won the Cophenhagen Games before losing out at the Summer Promotion.

Earlier today Ninjas in Pyjamas announced that they would be parting ways with their League of Legends team after failing to qualify for the second half of the LCS. With Counter Logic Gaming top lane Zach 'Nien' Malhas stepping down from the team last week, speculation has fueled with Danish star Morten 'Zorozero' Rosenquist as one of the top candidates for Malhas' replacement.

Rosenquist has confirmed to onGamers that while CLG did make an offer to join as the team's new starter, the 18-year old Season 3 World Championship competitor would rather take a break from professional League of Legends play to finish his high school studies.

"I realized that I rather wanted to finish my last year at school. I thought a lot about the option but decided against it", said Rosenquist. "The reason I didn't accept the offer from CLG is a mixture of different aspects. One of the reasons is that I'm not satisfied with my motivation and gameplay lately. Another is that I miss my friends and family. Last of all, I also miss the element of having a daily scheme. Don't get me wrong the past year where I have been playing has been wonderful."

Even with CLG as one of the most attractive team brands to go to in League of Legends esports, Rosenquist's focus lies elsewhere.

"Of course it would be cool and a life-learning experience, but branding and publicity doesn't really tempt me too much", he said. "I'm not quite sure if I'm burned out or not. I think it´s also been about not having too stable of a roster, and also playing in the Coke series and not the LCS.

Rosenquist plans on staying around competitive League of Legends, hoping to stream during his last year of studies, with plans of finding a team and returning to professional play when he's finished.

"I'm not gonna stop playing for good. I will keep on playing. Maybe have a bit of presence in the Coke scene as a substitute for some teams. Then when I'm done with my year and still got it, hopefully come back to the pro scene."

"After I'm done studying I will no doubt have the same hunger for winning as when I started playing."

Image Credit: NiP, LoL eSports